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How to Carve a Snowman? ☃️

The small project is a great choice for anyone who wishes to learn the basics of woodcarving.

small snowmans

We recommend using a block of basswood (1.25″ X 1.25″ X 4″) to carve the great snowman using a fine detail knife. While shaping the snowman, the carver uses three cuts: the stop cut, pull cut and push cut. A woodcarver quickly gains the perfect practice to carve with the grain, also against the grain and across the grain. Let’s begin carving a Snowman!


initial marking

On the top please draw a circle is 1″ diameter and number the corners 1 to 4. On the bottom, the circle is 1.75″. The corners are numbered 1 to 4. We use the numbering for future reference. Corner 1 is the front, corners 2 is the left side, corner 3 is the back and the last - corner 4 is the right side.

STEP 2  

hat marking

First of all, please mark a line for the top of the brim for the hat. We measure from the bottom mark
  • Corner 1 –  3 3/8″
  • Corner 2 – 3 1/4″
  • Corner 3 – 3 1/8″
  • Corner 4 – 3 1/4″

hat cutting out
Using a stop cut follow the line, please use a series of push cuts to remove the wood above the brim to create a cylinder 1″ in diameter for snowman’s hat. Please mark the leather strap and feature and the line for the lower brim measuring from the bottom.
  • Corner 1 – 3 1/8
  • Corner 2 – 3″
  • Corner 3 – 2  7/8″
  • Corner 4 – 3″

snowman hats

You need to make a stop cut on the line for the lower side of the brim of snowman’s hat and remove the wood using a series of push cuts.


establishing the scarf

Measure and mark from the bottom to establish the top of the scarf: Corner 1 to 4 – 2 1/2″ Measure and mark for the bottom of the scarf: Corners 1 to 4 – 2 1/4″

scarf cutting

Please use a stop cut on the top of the scarf and then a series of down push cuts to establish the bottom of the head.

lines painting

To establish the bottom of the scarf, use a stop cut on the bottom scarf line and also a series of up push cuts. Round corners 1 and 3 to draw on the front and back features. Notch corners 2 and 4 to establish snowman’s shoulders (to be detailed later). The last action for this step is to draw on the coat, arms and then face.


painting details

With the help of small stop and push cuts please carve the hat feature base first followed with the top of the feature and then the leather strap.


rounding wear marks

Just slope the top down and to one side and you will give the hat a rounded and weathered look. On the lower side of the slope try to carve in a crease. At last, finish by rounding its top edge.


start cutting wear

Very simple: please finish the hat by rounding the brim.


rough cutting

Please round the neck scarf of the snowman and mark an even number of lines around the neck.


add more details

It is better to use a stop cut on the marked lines and then push cuts that help to define each rib of the scarf.


snowman detailing

After you have finished the scarf, please continue to use a stop cut and a push cut to relieve the arms, then coat collar and coat overlap, buttons, then pockets and base.


wooden nose detailing

To create a great nose, use a 1/4″ dowel, taper the end and cut a 3/8′ piece off. Glue the cut off piece in place, it is better to use 5-minute epoxy.


last sterp

At last, do the final clean up and then your artwork is ready for painting. Your Snowman is almost ready! Just paint in the way you like it:) Hope, you have enjoyed carving a snowman!  
The reference material is

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