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How to get adjusted to the lockdown?


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Coronavirus caught us flat-footed. Most of us are adjusting to a new way of living. Some philosophers say we're stepping into the new world. How the new world is going to look like? No one knows.

What can we do now? Keep adjusting. Getting the best out of it.

We've prepared for you a list of tips on how to get accustomed to the lockdown. We're going to cover some basic habits to change your day for better. 

  1. Wake up early in the morning.

     It's easy to oversleep now when you don't actually need to go to work.
  2. Do exercises.

     We can't go out as we did that before, this leads to the lack of physical activities.
  3. Don't sit in front of the TV or computer all day.

     Mix the activities all the time. At least walk to and fro the room.
  4. Drink less coffee.

     It can make your nervous system uptight. Moreover, this often leads to eating some sweeties. 
  5. Read/watch less news.

     To stay up to date, it's enough to have an outlined time for getting through the news. Either in the morning or evening. We'd recommend reading news closer to the evening. As if to do that in the morning, you get the feeling out of it for the whole day.
  6. Filter information.

     Read news only from reliable sources. 
  7. Carve wood.

     But make sure to have some breaks. As a break consider doing exercises. Some yoga or some work-out or just simple gymnastics would work well.
  8. Define the plans of projects you want to make. 

    Make a list of the carvings you want to do. Get inspired by the 20+ tutorials on our channel.
  9. Get to do things you always wanted to.

     There are a lot of free courses that appeared on the Internet due to Covid19. Read books you wanted to read for quite some time already.
  10. Talk to your relatives/friends.

     Keep connected with your loved one. Only sharing love and being loved we can go through it.
  11. Try meditating.

    To clear up your mind. Meditation would be a great addition to carving.

Coronavirus 2019 is a challenge for all of us. It only matters how we get through it.

It only matters how we react to it. Being patient. Being above-ground. Sharing love and care. Reacting smart. With no panic. 

All the best to you and your family.

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