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Double Bevel Hook Knives

    • Total length – 365 mm (14.37 inch)
    • Rounding diameter – 30 mm (1,18 inch)
    • Handle length – 300 mm (11.81 inch)
    • Handle material – Ashwood
  • $28.00
    • Blade length – 105 mm (4.13 inches)
    • Rounding diameter – 90 mm (3.54 inches)
    • Handle length – 300 mm (11.81 inches)
    • Handle material – Ashwood
  • Perfect Gift
    • Blade length – 85 mm (3.35 inches)
    • Handle length – 200 mm (7.87 inches)
    • Total length – 255 mm (10.04 inches)
    • Handle material – Oak

Double Bevel Hook Knives

Hook knives are a very accurate and useful tool when it comes to creating any concave shapes or kitchen utensils like bowls, cups and spoons. Double bevel hook knife has its own advantages and disadvantages. Of course, it’s an extremely practical and sharp instrument that will simplify the process of creating these kitchen appliances. However, it may be more difficult to work with double bevel hook knives. SInce they have two cutting edges instead of one, they are more unsafe and you need to be very careful while using it to not cut yourself. Other than that, it’s quite practical since you can use it with any hand and any direction.

Double bevel hook knife sloyd

Enjoy the advantages that present themselves while working with a double bevel hook knife sloyd. It’s got a thicker blade which is more durable and will guarantee you a longer time of using the tool, especially if you care about it well. Its blade is made of tough carbon steel that ensures a safer experience and a sharper cutting edge that holds for a longer time.

Create incredible kitchen utensils when you find double bevel hook knives to buy and share with us your exciting experience. BeaverCraft cares and wants to hear your feedback all the time so don’t hesitate to let us know what you think and join our social media to know more about BeaverCraft instruments as well as useful tips for carvers of all skill levels.

Reading double bevel hook knives review

Roaming the review section of any online shop is a thing that you must do before buying. Luckily for us, BeaverCraft can be proud with the amount of great reviews that were left by satisfied buyers so you’ll be able to see the actual pictures of received tools, impressions and so on. Dive into the world of double bevel hook knives review and find out if that’s the thing you require for better carving!
Hopefully, the reviews will be full enough to convince you or give you some food for thought.

BeaverCraft double bevel hook knives to buy

We’re happy to offer you a practical premium quality instrument for creating incredibly beautiful wooden utensils, practical and useful. Choose BeaverCraft double bevel hook knife – it won’t let you down!

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