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Left-Handed Hook Knives

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    • Total length – 155 mm (6.10 inches)
    • Rounding diameter – 25 mm (1 inch)
    • Handle length – 105 mm (4.13 inches)
    • Handle material – Ashwood

Left-Handed Hook Knives

It can be a little more trying to adapt to the world of wood whittling if you are left-handed. Not all of the instruments are adaptable easily, so it can become an issue from time to time to find proper tools that you’ll be comfortable working with. BeaverCraft wanted to show we care and think of that as well, that’s why we created left-handed tools, left handed wood carving hook knife included. Now anyone can work with BeaverCraft instruments and we’re hoping you’ll enjoy doing so!

Left-Handed Hook Knives

To have an enjoyable experience of left handed hook knife wood carving, you require to learn working with this tool in the first place and always be careful. Hook knives can be single and double edged, so be sure you know what you’re getting and you understand how to work with it or at least know where to learn.
Talking about learning, BeaverCraft is more than happy to invite you to our YouTube channel where we post various tutorials, including tutorials on working with tools. Subscribe to the channel and you’ll learn how to work with left-handed hook knives and much more!

Left handed hook knife wood carving

A hook knife is meant to assist in doing beautiful kitchen utensils like bowls, spoons and cups as well as decorating your other carvings with round or concave shapes. It’s advantage is that it can easily scoop the needed shape that you wouldn’t have an easy time with using a carving knife.
Be patient while working with a hook knife because it doesn’t scoop a lot of wood, you’ll have to do it one scoop at a time and reach progress after some time. But it’s an incredible instrument for shaping round and concave, so find that patient and learn to carve with a left-handed spoon knife!

Left-handed hook knives price at BeaverCraft

Everything BeaverCraft creates has been made with one single purpose – to make quality and easy to use tools at affordable costs that will bring you joy and inspire you to learn carving and its intricacies. That’s why we want to say: don’t hesitate when looking for proper knives. If you are here, you are already saving some of your money and getting a high quality instead. Surf our stock and you’ll see for yourself that our left-handed hook knives price is appropriate.
Read up some reviews, select the hook knife you like and let’s start carving!

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