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LS6P1 - Dual-sided leather strop for sharpening knives tools

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  • Surface – cowhide leather
  • Length of the leather part – 240 mm (9.45 inches)
  • Total length – 370 mm (14.57 inches)
  • Total width – 50 mm (1.97 inches)
  • Base material – Ashwood
  • Weight – 0.03 kg

Tool sharpening significantly extends the life of your wood carving tools, so you must consider it seriously. The accuracy of the work directly depends on the tool's sharpness. The better the sharpening of your wood carving tool, the less likely it is to ruin your wood carving design or cause injuries.

To sharpen a wood carving or whittling knife well, you only need two simple devices from BeaverCraft. It is a Double-Sided Leather Strop and a Green-gray Polishing Compound.

The BeaverCraft LS6P1 Honing Kit is a winning choice if you want to keep your knives razor-sharp for a long time. Double-Sided Leather Strop is the most modern type of product for sharpening wood carving tools. This strop is very easy to use. The design of such a honing accessory consists of two components – a flat block of wood and pieces of leather glued to it. One side allows you to remove particles of metal fragments, etc., while the second side has a smoother surface, which will help keep your knife blade in perfect condition. BeaverCraft Polishing Compound is used to sharpen your wood carving knives and enhance the effect of razor-sharp blades.

The sharpening strop with the green-grey polishing compound is suitable for all knife types.

Customer Reviews

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I didn't expect such a great quality at this price tag. The leather is of great quality on both sides, the glue is perfectly even (and on 100% of the surface, not like some big brands who put 5 dots of glue and call it a day...). There's a polishing compound provided as well ! I won't use it as i've got finer diamond pastes, but that's a great addition for those who don't have any ! End word : trusted seller, top quality stuff and i'll order again if i need more stuff (or need to buy a gift !)

Works well

Easy to use and well built. Does the job it’s designed to do, sharpens the knife to a fine edge.

Dale M. Seigler
Just as advertised

It’s a leather strop, what more can I say. It comes with green polishing compound

Bryan Wise
Great strop

I’m using this with gunny juice and it brings knifes back quick!

Easy to use

A very good piece of leather

Randall G.
Perfect for EDC Knives

Great paddle strop. The first knife I used it on came out as sharp as a razor.Was really happy to see that it's made in Ukraine.

Uwe Windscheif

man muss sich schon damit Beschäftigen, dann bekommt man gute Ergebnisse

Michael Canale-Parola
Fast efficient service

Leather strop could have been a bit longer but works well

Robert D.
Very Nice Honing Strop

The handle has a swell so it fits the palm of your hand well. The wood is finished against moisture. The leather straps are well afixed and the leather is of good quality. I've built several in the past so I know what makes them last, and this one will last. The price was excellent. Never let your knife get dull enough that you need to sharpen it with a stone. Hone it often and you will be well pleased with how sharp it stays.

It’s a leather strop: it works

I like this product: easy to use and it works: this strop does a perfect job on a quick touch up or finish.

LS6P1 - Dual-sided leather strop for sharpening knives tools
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