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BeaverCraft Company guarantees that:

Each tool is tested and undergoes strict quality control.
Our tools are professionally-sharpened and come razor-sharp ready to use right out of the box.
Every instrument has a sturdy construction, and its blade is securely glued and firmly attached to the handle.
The tool blade is made of hardenable carbon steel and hardened to 56+ HRC.
Our tools will not break if appropriately used (only for wood carving jobs).

The warranty does not cover the following cases:

Normal wear and tear of the product. Each customer should independently maintain the sharpness of the purchased tool. Loss of sharpness during operation is not a reason for the repair or replacement of the tool manufactured by BeaverCraft.
Misuse or abuse. BeaverCraft tools are designed for hand carving only.
Lack of maintenance and cleaning (learn about tool care). Defects resulting from incorrect tool storage are not reasons for replacement.
Self-repair, modification, disassembly, and other human behavior that causes damage.
Tool loss.

Return/Replacement Policy

Please contact our customer service team if any BeaverCraft tool has failed due to manufacturing defects or doesn't match the listing description. Let us know what happened; attach a picture of the instrument that clearly shows the problem, and describe how you used the tool. We also require further information, such as your contact details which include the following: your name, phone number, address, and email address that you can send to We will replace the tool with a new one at our own expense and pay all the shipping costs.

Awareness Statement

The ten years guarantee applies only to wood carving tools from BeaverCraft.
Always pay extreme attention when unpacking, using, or sharpening any of our tools.
BeaverCraft tools are not designed as weapons and should never be used as such.
Injuries occurring during the careless use or improper maintenance of BeaverCraft tools are a risk that our customers are aware of. You should never forget safety precautions and follow the correct procedure for using wood carving tools.
Children should not use BeaverCraft tools without adult supervision.

An item purchased from a retailer

Please get in touch with your dealer if you bought the BeaverCraft wood carving tool that needs a replacement from a retailer (also applies to purchases on Amazon, Etsy, Ebay).
Tell your dealer what happened, and describe how you used the knife. Email your name, address, telephone number, and e-mail address to your local dealer. Don’t forget to attach a picture of the blade.

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