Order 2/8/2018 Leading Edge Hobbies


    Product NameCodePrice,
    Q-tyAmountWeight of 1 piece, gTotal weight, kg
    Small Whittling KnifeC110440.00600.240
    Wood Carving Bench KnifeC210440.00500.200
    Small Sloyd Carving KnifeC310220.00500.100
    Whittling Sloyd Knife with Oak HandleC410220.00500.100
    Whittling KnifeC4M10220.00600.120
    Wood Carving Bench KnifeC510440.00500.200
    Small Chip Carving KnifeC610440.00450.180
    Small Detail Wood Carving KnifeC710220.00500.100
    Chip Carving KnifeC810220.00450.090
    Marking Striking KnifeC910220.00500.100
    Skewed Detail KnifeC1310220.00500.100
    Chip Carving KnifeC1410220.00500.100
    Drawknife with Oak HandleDK115230.001300.260
    Spoon Carving Knife 25 mmSK111444.00600.240
    Left-Handed Spoon Carving Knife 25 mmSK1L11222.00600.120
    Large Spoon Carving KnifeSK3 Long15230.001900.380
    Spoon Carving Tool SetS0121121.001000.100
    Spoon Carving Tool Set with Detail KnifeS0221121.00900.090
    Spoon Carving Tool Set for BeginnersS0321242.001050.210
    Chip Carving Knife SetS0420240.00800.160
    Chip Carving Knife Set with AccessoriesS0638.5138.502600.260
    Basic Set of 4 KnivesS0744144.003100.310
    Hook Knife Set of 4 ToolsS11522104.004450.890
    Dual-Sided Leather Paddle StropLS110.5331.504401.320
    Small Polishing Compound M7P11.569.00300.180
    Big Polishing Compound M7P22612.00550.330
    4 Pocket Tool RollTR44416.001000.400
    12 Pocket Tool RollTR127428.002100.840