• 2018-08-06 14.34.38

WILDWOOD AQUISITIONS CORP order 100493 dd 26.Aug.2018


Product NameCodePrice,
Small Whittling KnifeC110220.00
Wood Carving Bench KnifeC210220.00
Small Sloyd Carving KnifeC310220.00
Whittling Sloyd Knife with Oak HandleC410220.00
Wood Carving Bench KnifeC510220.00
Small Chip Carving KnifeC69.5219.00
Small Detail Wood Carving KnifeC710220.00
Chip Carving KnifeC89.5219.00
Marking Striking KnifeC910220.00
Geometric Carving KnifeC1010220.00
Small Geometric Carving KnifeC10s10220.00
Knife for Geometric WoodcarvingC1110220.00
Small Knife for Geometric WoodcarvingC11s10220.00
Skew KnifeC127.5215.00
Skewed Detail KnifeC1310220.00
Chip Carving KnifeC1410220.00
Drawknife with Oak HandleDK115230.00
Spoon Carving Knife 25 mmSK111222.00
Left-Handed Spoon Carving Knife 25 mmSK1L11222.00
Spoon Carving Knife 30 mmSK211222.00
Spoon Carving Knife with Long HandleSK2 Long15230.00
Large Spoon Carving KnifeSK3 Long15230.00
Spoon Carving Tool SetS0121242.00
Spoon Carving Tool Set with Detail KnifeS0221242.00
Spoon Carving Tool Set for BeginnersS0321242.00
Geometric Wood Carving Knife SetS05445220.00
Chip Carving Knife Set with AccessoriesS0626252.00
Basic Set of 4 KnivesS0740280.00
Wood Carving Set of 8 KnivesS0893.5193.50
Wood Carving Set of 12 KnivesS10132.51132.50
Hook Knife Set of 4 ToolsS11522104.00
Starter Wood Carving Knife SetS1227254.00
Leather Strop for PolishingLS231030.00
Small Polishing Compound M7P11.51015.00