Detail Knife for Wood Carving
Detail Knife for Wood Carving
Detail Knife for Wood Carving
Detail Knife for Wood Carving
Detail Knife for Wood Carving
Detail Knife for Wood Carving
Detail Knife for Wood Carving

C8 – Kleines Schneidemesser

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  • Gesamtlänge – 165 mm (6,49 Zoll)
  • Länge der Schneide – 35 mm (1,37 Zoll)
  • Grifflänge – 125 mm (4,92 Zoll)
  • Griffmaterial – Eschenholz

Dieses Detailmesser ist für feine Feinarbeiten, das Schneiden kleiner Elemente in Holz, die Detaillierung von Skulpturen und mehr konzipiert. Mit diesem Messer kannst du Weich- und Hartholz schneiden; mit diesem Holzmesser können Löffel, Schaufeln, Schleudern und mehr herausgeschnitten werden.

Dank einer dünnen Klinge und einem bequemen Griff liegt das Messer auch nach stundenlangem Schnitzen bequem in der Hand. Der Messergriff ist aus Eschenholz gefertigt und mit natürlichem Leinöl überzogen. Seine Klinge ist aus Spezialmesserstahl mit hohem Kohlenstoffgehalt gefertigt, gehärtet und geschärft. Es gilt sowohl für Rechts- als auch für Linkshänder.

C8 – Kleines Schneidemesser

C8 – Kleines Schneidemesser

$19.55 $13.00

C8 – Kleines Schneidemesser

$19.55 $13.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 118 reviews
W. Frank Agee
Great tool

I really like this tool. I especially like the shape of the handle. Very comfortable. I love Beaver Craft.

Fairly good

Not as sharp as I expected but will sharpen up. I like the handle


Chi ha pensato di inserire un paio di cerotti nella confezione merita un aumento di stipendio, senza se e senza ma :DIl coltello compie il suo lavoro egregiamente, lo consiglio vivamente

Simpel und sofort nutzbar

Aus der Packung rasiermesserscharf, liegt gut in der Hand, optimale Schneidengeometrie für präzises Schnitzenniedlicher Bonus: In jeder Beavercraft-Packung zwei kleine Wundpflaster ,-)

Kirby Kroon
Super value!

For the price I paid, this is a lovely little knife! On sale when I bought it and I thought for the price I couldn't go wrong! It is well made and comfortable, for a male I have smaller hands and it feels good in the hand. Have not yet had occasion to sharpen it (nicely sharpened out of the box!), but i expect that it will be easy to maintain a good edge on it.

Well made.

Comfortable handle, arrived sharp, feels sturdy.

Good tool

razor sharp, works very well. I highly recommend for beginners

Bruce Collins
How was the value for the money?

I like to buy the kits so that I have ideas and it comes with the wood but I do buy tools two or three times a year. I always buy this brand. I don’t feel guilty if I drop them or damage the blades I think we all should use these well-made Ukrainian tools, support, Ukraine.

Lynn T. Vierling

Great knife to learn with. Great blade,great value (I am an advanced carver but wantedto see if I could recommend it to a novice) and I can.

Cheyenne Perdomo
Always good knives

I have quite a few of their knives and I would suggest if you could buy one to help support the company in Kyiv Ukraine it would be great for them they’re dealing with atrocities by Russia and could use our help. There tools are made well and never disappointed when I get one