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BeaverCraft is a Ukrainian manufacturer of wood carving tools.

To start with, we’ve been looking for high-quality woodcarving tools for quite some time. The situation didn’t fit our needs at all, either the products were too expensive and the quality was low or it was the complete opposite, we hit on the great quality items for the huge price. So we didn’t meet with the success in finding the appropriate products, for which the price corresponded the quality. That’s why we managed to set up our own company called BeaverCraft, and in the latter 2014 we hit the market.

From the very first day, we manufacture the products that go with already mentioned three terms such as quality, reliability and the satisfying price.
We are open to discovering new horizons, self-development and company amendment. If you’re into the same goals, let us know. We’d be happy to have a talk and share some opinions on the matter!

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