Long Bent Gouge
rounded gouge chisel

G7L/22 – Lange gebogene Hohlröhre 7L (22 mm)

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  • Gesamtlänge – 285 mm (11,22 Zoll)
  • Klingenlänge – 130 mm (5,12 Zoll)
  • Klingenbreite – 22 mm (0,87 Zoll)
  • Grifflänge – 155 mm (6,10 Zoll)
  • Gewicht – 0,17 kg

Das Arsenal an Werkzeugen eines jeden Holzschnitzers verändert sich im Laufe der Zeit. Es verändert sich und füllt sich mit neuen Werkzeugen, zum Beispiel dann, wenn du neue Holzschnitztechniken und -stile übst und anwendest. Wenn du gerne Löffel, Tassen, Schüsseln und anderes Kunsthandwerk mit bestimmten Designs schnitzt, wirst du unseren BeaverCraft G7L/22 Holzschnitzmeißel auf jeden Fall lieben.

Der lange, gebogene Hohlmeißel dieses Typs wird zur Herstellung schmaler Halbkreise verwendet, Aussparungen und Löcher, um ornamentalen Hintergrund zu bearbeiten. Ein solches Werkzeug eignet sich ideal zum Fertigstellen von Flachreliefs und für allgemeine Schrupparbeiten.

Durch die Erweiterung deines Werkzeugsatzes mit unserem BeaverCraft G7L/22 Löffelschnitzeisen kannst du deinen Schnitzereien mehr Volumen und Raffinesse verleihen. Es ermöglicht dir, ohne großen Aufwand die komplexesten Muster und Reliefs auf einer Holzoberfläche zu verkörpern (es wird ohne Hammer verwendet).

Dieses BeaverCraft G7L/22 Holzschnitzwerkzeug mit gebogenem Design bewältigt die Bearbeitung problemlos aus Weich- und Harthölzern. Die Klinge aus gehärtetem Stahl mit hohem Kohlenstoffgehalt sorgt für präzise, ​​feine Schnitte und eine lange Lebensdauer. Das Werkzeug ist mit einem leicht zu greifenden Holzgriff ausgestattet, der dir ein bequemes und angenehmes Holzschnitzerlebnis bietet.

Long Bent Gouge

G7L/22 – Lange gebogene Hohlröhre 7L (22 mm)

$25.65 $19.00

G7L/22 – Lange gebogene Hohlröhre 7L (22 mm)

$25.65 $19.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 266 reviews
W. Frank Agee
good tool

I love this tool. Works well and keeps an edge. I personally believe Beaver Craft makes great tools.

Dave Tanner
Great gouge for carving

I am planning on making a spoon and a cup and this gouge is working very well for me. It’s well built and very sturdy. I love beaver craft tools

Alessio Varisco
Per ora bene

È da un mesetto che lo sto utilizzando con frequente intensità, per ora pienamente soddisfatto dei risultati ottenuti consigliato.

The best quality tools for carving wood

I received my gouge from BeaverCraft and it is perfectly balanced and feels great while carving whittling and I love their sense of whimsy as they sent 2 bandaids in the box with my new gouge. :)


Muss jedoch nachgeschärft werden aber sonst okai

Bobby Winters
It comes sharp!

The packed two Band-Aids with mine!

Love it!!

I finally got a chance to try this chisel and I love it!! It came extremely sharp. I put a small piece of walnut in my vice and started gouging out wood just to try it, I went with the grain and across the grain and it went through like a hot knife through butter. Next I put a cherry spoon blank in my vice and started to carve out the spoon bowl. The cherrywood was a little tougher to carve but it still worked great. I ordered this gouge because I wanted a wider one than my other beaver craft gouges to hopefully cut down on my scraping and sanding and I think this will do the trick. It’s also longer and bigger than my smaller ones which makes it more enjoyable to use

Works very well.

Sharp right out of the box, even sharper with a bit of touch up with a high grit stone.Moves material quickly and the shape of the handle is comfortable to use and easy to hold firm when you want to apply a bit of force. Blade is also angled nicely to dig in and out.Build quality is nice and the tool looks very well finished. No obvious imperfections or design flaws.This is my 2nd Beavercraft tool and I've liked them a lot so far. Great value for the price, I would buy another tool for them in the future.

Luke ochoa
Amazing Value for Money, Great Customer Service, Great tools all around.

First off, whether you are a beginner or you've been doing it for awhile, hte beavercraft products are a great addition to the workshop. I recently found them and figured 'why not.' Let me tell you, they are well worth the price and then some. The tools are ready-to-go out of the box. They hold an edge quite well, and for the price they are a no-brainer.I recently broke the 2-inch hook knife (due to my own fault because of the angle i was applying force) and I went ahead and emailed their returns email address explaining what I had done and just purely inquiring about warranties on their products. They went ahead and just sent me a replacement free of cost. I got the replacement within 4 days of emailing them. I am not promising they will do this with you, but their customer service is excellent. They really do care about making sure you are happy with their products and customer service. After that replacement, I am hooked on the products and company as a whole.

Bom produto

Funciona bem