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K8/08 – Kompakter, gerader Rundmeißel. Sweep Nr. 8

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  • Klingenbreite 8 mm (0,31 Zoll)
  • Gesamtlänge 192 mm (7,56 Zoll)
  • Klingenlänge 80 mm (3,15 Zoll)
  • Grifflänge 115 mm (4,53 Zoll)

BeaverCraft сcompact gerade abgerundete Meißel Sweep №8 helfen Ihnen bei tiefen Kratzern und Formen. Kürzere Klinge und kompakterer, komfortabler Griff für Ihre besten Schnitzprojekte. Holzschnitzmeißel von BeaverCraft sind messerscharf und sofort einsatzbereit.

Hergestellt aus hochwertigem Kohlenstoffstahl. Von Hand geschärft und geschliffen. Sie können solche Werkzeuge sowohl für die Bearbeitung von Weichholz als auch von Hartholz verwenden. Der Griff besteht aus Esche und ist mit Öl imprägniert. Sollte nur für präzise manuelle Behandlungen verwendet werden, ausgenommen die Verwendung von Hammer und Hammer. Es ist bequem zu verwenden und eignet sich für den Langzeitgebrauch. BeaverCraft-Meißel werden sowohl für Anfänger als auch für professionelle Holzschnitzer handgefertigt.

Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
cross eyed eagle
very sharp

the price is right and ready to use

Costin Manescu

Excellent quality tool. Would buy again.

Kerry Tasler

I have multiple of this size. I use often so I keep a spare. Good tool.

Bruce Collins
Dollar for dollar the best

Dollar for dollar the best. Beaver craft has been my choice for two years I find them and inexpensive and comes sharp out of the box I enjoy this tool I use it for spoons and shaping round items get started wiggling soon and use your beaver craft tools well

Professional, sharp, comfortable, A nice Professional Gouge

This is my second BeaverCraft Wood Carving Gouge .I am impressed Small, but I am able to use two hands. I will strop this gouge , but it is very sharp. Definitely a good looking professional gouge

Easy to use and sharpen. This a must in my bag.

Awesome! Ty

J. C. B.
The tool I needed for my project

This is an excellent, well made carving gouge. Most people probably use it for carving wood, but I bought it for my hobby of refurbishing vintage shaving brushes. The handles of old shaving brushes are usually in good shape, but the knots ( usually made of badger hair) are commonly worn out and/or dirty with years of old soap. I used this carving gouge to remove old knots in 2 shaving brushes. The gouge did an excellent job and didn't damage the handle. Next, I'll glue in new, synthetic knots. I also love that this tool was made in the valiant country of Ukraine. Highly recommended.

Made for basswood

Very first bump into Osage and the edge rolled, like really rolled. 15 minutes getting that roll out and tried oak... Roll... basswood, golden


Quality product - aids me greatly in my whittling projects.

Good Quality

I really like the size and comfortable handle on this, it is sharp and can be used on different craft materials such as clay, epoxy, wood etc. Just use your imagination.

K8/08 – Kompakter, gerader Rundmeißel. Sweep Nr. 8
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