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S04 - Kerb-Tranchiermesser-Set

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  • Ist für geometrische Holzschnitzereien konzipiert
  • Geeignet für Anfänger und Profis
  • Sofort einsatzbereit
  • Inklusive Lederriemen und grüngrauer Polierpaste

Ein Messerset für geometrische Holzschnitzereien besteht aus zwei Messern: Das erste ist ein gebogenes Messer zum Zeichnen langer und kurzer Linien und das zweite ist für geometrische Details. Ein Messer hat eine abgeschrägte Klingenform. Es handelt sich um ein Starterset für Einsteiger, das auch von professionellen Holzbearbeitern und Tischlern geschätzt wird. Die Holzschnitzmesser sind scharf und sofort einsatzbereit. Das Material der Splittermessergriffe besteht aus mit Leinöl getränktem Eschenholz. Bequeme Größen bieten eine einfache Kontrolle für detaillierte Arbeiten. Die Messerklingen bestehen aus hochwertigem Kohlenstoffstahl und eignen sich sowohl für Weich- als auch für Hartholz.

Mit diesem Set kannst du verschiedene geometrische Holzschnitzprojekte durchführen. Das Einsteiger-Holzschnitzmesser-Set wird für einen neuen Schnitzer empfohlen, der detaillierte oder einfache Arbeiten ausführt, am besten für den Einstieg in das Holzschnitzen. Im Lieferumfang sind ein Lederriemen mit grüngrauer Polierpaste enthalten, um deine Klingen messerscharf zu halten.

C6 – Spanschnitzmesser
  • Gesamtlänge – 155 mm (6,10 Zoll)
  • Grifflänge – 120 mm (4,72 Zoll)
  • Länge der Schneide - 25 mm (1 Zoll)
C12 - Spanschnitzmesser
  • Gesamtlänge – 160 mm (6,29 Zoll)
  • Grifflänge – 120 mm (4,72 Zoll)
  • Länge der Schneide - 20 mm (0,78 Zoll)

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews

They came sooner than expected! The blades are scary sharp! Can't wait to do some carvings with them.

Looks dangerous

wow these tools look great. Should of provided safety glove with set as really need this for a beginner set

George D.
BeaverCraft tools are the best value for the money --

As usual, the set is top quality.

Brandi Wheeler
Hard for me to use with arthritis

They are very sharp but the shape of the handle is uncomfortable for me personally to use. But I have arthritis.

quality tools

Everything was ready to go right out of the box as soon as I recieved it.

Great set of blades

These blades are better than I thought they'd be at this price point. They are sharp, comfortable to hold, can be used for precision work, and come in a convenient carry case. I'm glad I bought them.

Andrei Antipov
Excellent quality

Excellent products, at a fraction of a price of the high end brands. Do a wonderful job, and come very sharp out of the box. Well a pouch to be more accurate, which is a nice addition to the kit. The strop is also a nice addition, though I'll probably purchase a separate full size one.

Great beginner set

I’m a novice wood carver and these knives are working great! The price is right too! I recommend these to anyone who is starting out. They make clean cuts and are sharp right out of the package. No pre-sharpening required

Excellent beginner's chip carving set

I've admired chip carving and wanted to learn this style of woodworking for a while, and just started to buy individual carving knives before I came across this set. I've watched countless instructional videos on chip carving and decided that the knives included in this set were the ones I eventually wanted to own - Beavercraft has conveniently bundled them together for this affordable beginner's set. The knives are very solid, well made and comfortable to hold. The set includes a leather strop and stropping compound to keep them sharp and polished (this is very important, both for doing precise work and for your own safety), as well as a nicely made canvas roll to store your knives in and protect them. They arrived very sharp, and very securely packaged. I'm completely satisfied with this set, and looking forward to the things I'll create once I've honed my skills a little more!To anyone looking to learn the basics of chip carving - Beavercraft has an excellent youtube channel packed with tutorials that are easy to follow. Mychipcarving is another youtube channel with lots of helpful beginner videos, and Fancychip is an artist named Tatiana Baldina who creates some incredible geometric wood carving - she's the one who inspired me to pick up this craft, and her youtube channel is absolutely worth a look also.

Price and Quality

Great product. Great price. Good handles. Love all my Beavercraft knives. Will cont6inue to order.

S04 - Kerb-Tranchiermesser-Set
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