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S18X – Deluxe-Holzschnitzset mit Walnussgriffen

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  • Das Set beinhaltet 8 Messer und eine Premium-Werkzeugrolle aus Leder
  • Das für die Griffe verwendete Material ist ein schwarzer Walnussholz
  • Entwickelt für eine Vielzahl von Holzschnitztechniken
  • Ein schwarzer Lederriemen und eine grüngraue Polierpaste sind im Lieferumfang enthalten
  • Gewicht – 3 kg

Unser Unternehmen ist stets bestrebt, unseren Kunden Dienstleistungen auf höchstem Niveau zu bieten. Wir stellen Schnitzwerkzeuge her, die selbst den anspruchsvollsten Holzschnitzern gefallen. Unser BeaverCraft S18X Holzschnitzset ist ein praktisches, schönes und stilvolles Messerset, mit dem Sie Ihre fantastischsten Schnitzideen verwirklichen können. Es hilft Ihnen, unter schwierigsten Bedingungen verschiedene Figuren und Karikaturen aus Holz zu schnitzen. Es kann auch ein gutes Geschenk für Kenner von Schönheit und Zweckmäßigkeit sein.

Art of woodcarving

Die Werkzeugklingen dieses Schnitzmesser-Sets bestehen aus hochwertigem Kohlenstoffstahl, der den Werkzeugen eine hervorragende Schneidleistung und Gesamtfestigkeit verleiht. Dieses Holzschnitzwerkzeug-Set ist eine gute Wahl für professionelle Schnitzer und Holzschnitz-Enthusiasten. Diese Schnitzmesser von BeaverCraft sind eine Kombination aus Zuverlässigkeit, Schönheit und guten technischen Eigenschaften.

Unleash your creativity

Ein einziges großes BeaverCraft S18X Deluxe-Set reicht aus, um eine Vielzahl von Holzschnitztechniken zu beherrschen. Mit diesem Satz Holzschnitzwerkzeuge können Sie Dutzende Projekte erstellen – von einfachen und kleinen Figuren bis hin zu komplexen und komplizierten Skulpturen. Wenn Sie unser S18X-Set kaufen, werden Sie feststellen, dass diese hochwertigen Holzschnitzwerkzeuge perfekt zum geometrischen und detaillierten Schnitzen, Schnitzen, Splitterschnitzen, Löffelschnitzen usw. geeignet sind.

Elevate your carving skills

Die Kombination der Materialien und die allgemeine Ergonomie der Messer gewährleisten ein einfaches und sicheres Holzschnitzen über lange Arbeitsperioden hinweg. Das Schnitzset S18X von BeaverCraft wird mit einer stilvollen und komfortablen Werkzeugrolle aus hochwertigem Echtleder geliefert. Alles ist auf den Komfort und die Sicherheit von Ihnen und Ihren Werkzeugen ausgelegt.

Beauty and practicality


Customer Reviews

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Great Product, Great Service

I recently purchased the S18X Delux Wood Carving Knife Set from Beaver Craft. I am retired and just took up this hobby of wood carving. A few of my initial crude carvings are shown above (beer bottle, pretzel, cat, piano). The knife tools are very well made and ergonomically friendly. I found whittling gloves to be very important since the blades are razor sharp and it's easy to cut yourself, especially when inexperienced. The leather tool kit holder is especially nice looking and has a high quality look and feel.I did have one knife blade with a very narrow sharp tip to break in early use. Since they have a knife warranty, I requested a free single knife replacement via email (I attached a knife photo). They quickly responded and sent me a whole new kit! Wow!! That was unnecessary and I am trying to inquire about returning it for just the single knife replacement. In any case, the customer response was very fast and much better than you would find with most companies these days. I strongly endorse Beaver Craft for their quality products and service. Wish more venders were like this.



Exudes quality!

Very well made knives. They come very sharp, I love the brand so much infact that I just ordered their hand axe also.Perfect balance of price and quality. Seems you get MORE quality then you pay for, which I find to be rare nowadays.

Great product

This has been the perfect product for beginners all the way to professionals this truly is a great set

Great set!

I purchased this set as a gift for my son and he loves it! Very sharp knives and easy to handle!

Lito George
Good set of quality tools, but be buy at a reduced price

This normally retails at $199. I bought it at a reduced price of $169 when it went on sale. Lucky me. Lots of people poo poo these Beavercraft tools online, calling them rank beginner items and when you grow yourself some facial hair, you can step up to Morakniv, Lee Valley or Wood Tools, and then up from there once your voice deepens.Upon this sagely advice, I bought a Morakniv right handed because the dear dual sided hook knife gave me a grave injury within 2minutes of using it on pine. I needed stitches, but refused to go to ER because I was trying to join the facial hair crowd. The Morakniv came to me dull as a brick (I tried two separate ones), and the handles were half the quality of the Beavercraft which were in a nice black walnut type wood. The steel was discoloured a bronze colour on both of the Moras except for the edge.I have used my Beavercraft mini drawknife, and carving tools with great success. They come razorsharp (except for the Beavercraft gouge which was unimpressively semi sharp) and even my three young daughters prefer them over any of the other knives I have in the house for carving. They positively exclaim with joy how comfortable in hand they are, and how easy to use them. Of course, each has nicked their fingers and thats why the bandaids are useful. Thoughtful touch BV.The leather roll is SUMPTIOUS, and takes leather conditioner very nicely. Honestly, imo, this is a heirloom tool and looks to last decades into the future.

Luke B.
Extremely High-Quality Knives & Case

Where to begin? These knives are razor-sharp as advertised AND they hold their edge quite well, even putting up with the abuse I (as a new whittler) gave them. They are ergonomic and obviously manufactured with care and quality control (unlike 99% of the mystery brands you see these days). I love that this set includes a full-spread of knives, from chip carving to spoon/hook knives, you're set - everything you need is in this case, even polishing compound!The leather case is HANDSOME , super thick, gorgeous leather. I'd buy this set just for the case it's so nice. Beyond being pretty, it's nice because it protects your knives and more importantly protects YOU from them. There is no accidentally reaching in and cutting yourself with this case as there is an internal flap that lays over the blades you have to lift.I bought a chisel/gouge set from Beavercraft and a bunch of basswood too, i was so impressed. this set is affordable but nothing to scoff at in terms of quality, i think any seasoned carver would be happy to use these knives!I later found out this is a Ukrainian Company - all the more reason to support Beavercraft, small businesses like this are going to be the backbone of the new economy once the goblins are vanquished.Buy them. They're great!

Ken Treece
Great set of carving knifes

We're sharp upon arrival very well made really comfortable to use


Amazing quality tools. I tested them out with a small walnut coffee spoon and the tools did a great job without any sharpening. The leather roll is high quality and provides great protection for the tools.

Adam Y

I only bought these because I saw the word, Beaver on the description.

S18X – Deluxe-Holzschnitzset mit Walnussgriffen
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