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Wood Carver Spotlight #1,2. Brad Trainer and Tania Burgos

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carving is a therapy

Wood Carving as Relaxation Therapy

When I think of relaxation, my mind often turns to the old man sitting on the porch in a rocking chair, a knife in one hand, a piece of wood in the other. And that is how it goes, doesn't it?

Wood carving is relaxing indeed almost like yoga, just you don't need a yoga mat. We believe that wood carving comes in our life at the right timing. Actually, we can say that about everything as there is nothing spontaneous. While carving wood has always its incentive to bring changes for better in your life. 

Either you're bored or lost a friend, or want to get your hands occupied with something. Wood carving always gives its answers.

New rubric - Wood Carver Spotlight

This is why we opened a rubric called «Wood Carver Spotlight» to gather up the stories of carvers we know, or got connected somehow and spread the word about their experience. So others would get the idea, or better say true meaning of how carving wood can help. 

How Tania got into wood carving?

«In 2013 I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia and my body deteriorated fast. Then I started woodworking just out off a true devotion to the craft that stemmed from an intense satisfaction of turning art concepts into reality. I realized that woodworking was giving me a lot of my mobility back as well as bringing joy back in my life»

Tania Burgos

Feel free to follow Tania @tania_made_ on Instagram and Youtube. She has a great channel where she's sharing her woodworking and wood carving projects.

Comfort Birds Fan - Brad Trainer

Brad Trainer been with us from the very beginning. He always helped BeaverCraft and Woodworking Maniacs (our Facebook Group) with a piece of advice. He carved a lot of comfort birds and even helped to spread the word about our Comfort Bird Carving Kit. Always love talking to him. And we appreciate a lot him making a video for us. Check out, he's got great carving project.

Brad Trainer has a huge experience in wood carving. Feel free to message him if you got some answers and want to hear some good piece of advice.

Final Thoughts

If you want to submit your story, just follow the link Submit My Story. 

We'll be happy to get yours and spread the word about it. Moreover, we're giving away free wood as a gratitude for your time. 

NOTE: Make sure to make a short video, up to 5 mins. If it's going to be more than that, system will not take it. 

Thanks for reading. 

1 comment

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    like to buy good quality B asswood Blocks 4rx6x12" please let me know

    Thank you Manfred

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