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DIY01 - Comfort Bird Carving Kit - Complete Starter Whittling Kit for Beginners Adults Teens and Kids
This kit is primarily designed for beginners Suitable also for kids Includes all the tools needed + tutorial Perfect gift for someone who is new to woodcarving Weight – 0.5 kg Have you ever wanted to try your hand at...
$54.99 $49.99
DIY02 - Dala Horse Carving Kit - Complete Starter Whittling Kit for Beginners Adults Teens and Kids
Isn't it great to find a versatile art craft kit that you can use in your new exciting hobby and as a gift to a family member, friend, or colleague with a creative mind? Whether you're a DIY project lover,...
$49.99 $44.99
DIY03 - Wizard Carving Kit - Complete Starter Whittling Kit for Beginners Adults Teens and Kids
Perfect gift for someone who is new to woodcarving The kit includes all the tools needed + tutorial Suitable not only for adults, but also for kids This kit is primarily designed for beginners Starter carving sets have received a...
$49.99 $39.99
DIY04 - Celtic Spoon Carving Kit - Complete Starter Whittling Kit for Beginners Adults Teens and Kids
The choice of gifts is an eternal problem. You always want to pick up something beautiful, original, and at an affordable price. A hand-crafted gift can be your perfect solution. It always looks interesting, beautiful, and original. Such a gift...
$49.99 $44.99
DIY05 - Bear Carving Kit – Complete Starter Whittling Kit for Beginners, Adults, Teens, and Kids
Perfect gift set for those who are new to woodcarving This DIY wood craft kit is a go-to choice for beginners and entry-level carvers It's an all-in-one hobby kit with all supplies, versatile crafting tools, + tutorial Family-friendly fun for...
$59.99 $49.99
DIY06 - Santa Carving Kit - Complete Starter Whittling Kit for Beginners, Adults, Teens, and Kids
Original holiday gift idea for woodcarvers All-in-one DIY craft kit with everything you need to carve Santa Claus out of wood Versatile wood carving tools set to practice and hone wood carving skills Go-to choice for beginners and entry-level carvers...
$59.99 $49.99

A lot of different carving sets categories exist on the market nowadays. Some of them are carving instruments only – in countless amounts, variations, designs and purposes. Some include wooden blocks as well to make the process of carving easier to start, however, it’s not an occasion met often. And there are even less whittling kits that include everything that you’d need to create a full carving from start to finish. Here in BeaverCraft we’ve always thought that’s at least not fair to people that want to create something from scratch, but have no idea how to.

So we started to think about what needs to be in the perfect diy wood carving kit. BeaverCraft thought, mixed things up, created different hobby sets that you can find on our website and finally found the solution to the greatest diy carving set. That’s why, as of now, you have the opportunity to purchase a diy carving tool kit by BeaverCraft and receive everything together. Our full sets include wood, tools, patterns for carving, protection safety tapes, stropping kits, instructions (in a leaflet or a link to video-tutorial) and sometimes even wax for finishing – pay close attention when you are going through the options in this section.

These completed kits will become a great gift option for kids, beginner carvers or somebody who simply has a lot of free time and doesn’t know what to do with it – you might help them find a new hobby! DIY carving set from BeaverCraft certainly has all things you need for a successful completion of a carving project all by yourself.

Diy carving tool mix from BeaverCraft

Everybody deserves a chance to come up with new ideas and projects, something exciting and completely original. However, to invent original creative ideas and implement them in life you have to gain some skills beforehand. That’s what our DIY wood carving kit, any of them, will help you achieve. With having everything together you’ll find out what is the purpose of each and every thing included, you’ll learn how to use the tools, how to finish and paint your carving, what’s the safe way to work with sharp instruments and how to make your own patterns for carving.

We also have regular Tips and Tricks posts published in our social media to help you find out more useful things about carving every day. There is a newsletter that you can subscribe to completely for free that sends you all the patterns we’ve worked with and will be working. Don’t miss your chance to get more useful advice pieces and to learn more things, get inspired more and chat with like-minded people in our community.

Diy carving set kits – pros and cons

This could be a debate topic, of course. However, there are things that simply can’t be argued with. For example, the fact that such a DIY carving set is an incredibly helpful tool to start learning or continue your progress in the whittling destination if you’ve only tried some but didn’t know where to go from there. It’s also a great educational gift for a kid, especially if you are a carver yourself and can teach them to be careful and go through the experience with them. It’s also a great thing to spend time with your family, heartwarming, uniting and joyful.

However, for some people getting a DIY wood carving kit that already supplements everything can be a little limiting in terms of creativity. With using your own supplies you are able to create a thing exactly from your mind, but here you have a previously prepared pattern, exact paint colours, exact wood colour and so on. Of course, these limits are not necessarily a bad thing. For some people they will be, but for others it will be a stress relieving knowledge that you won’t have to decide for yourself and you can already use the materials that come in the kit.

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