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BC1 - Blade for Whittling Knife C1
BeaverCraft offers an unbeatable - blade for carving delicate curves and larger cuts. The general purpose carving - blade for knife C1 gives the carver a different approach to a detail or paring cut. The blade is great both for...
BC2 - Blade for Bench Knife C2
This straight blade is designed for the heavier stock removal with a rounded durable point. Being super sharp, the blade allows cutting both soft and hardwood. The blade features high carbon steel. Designed by BeaverCraft.
BC3 - Blade for Sloyd Carving Knife C3
The blade for sloyd carving knife is beveled on both sides and it is good as all-purpose carving tool. Choosing this blade, you can perform chip carving, whittling, and detailing in some wood carving projects. The blade features high carbon...
BC4 - Blade for Whittling Knife C4
The blade for knife C4 is designed for whittling as well as for general woodworking, marking and handicrafts. The straight blade can accommodate larger stock removal if needed. The blade features high-carbon hardened steel. Designed by BeaverCraft.
BC5 - Blade for Bench Knife C5
The blade for knife C5 is used for marking, carving and utility purpose. Its more rounded point is very durable. The blade features high-carbon hardened steel and offers a superior sharpness, for all your crafting needs. Designed by BeaverCraft.
BC6 - Blade for Chip Carving Knife C6
The blade for chip carving knife C6 is short and used to make both smooth and curved geometric shapes, cut out triangles, squares, lines, carve letters, caricatures, and create different intricate designs in wood and more. The blade features high...
BC7 - Blade for Detail Knife C7
This blade for knife C7 has a fine point for making the very narrow cuts associated with detailing. The flexible blade is excellent for producing some works of fine detail and greater precision. Designed for very fine delicate cuts, this...
BC8 - Blade for Chip Carving Knife C8
Designed to make geometric shapes, cut out squares, lines, carve letters, create designs in wood and more, this perfect - blade for chip carving knife C8 is made from edge-holding steel for smoother cutting and is ready to use right...
BC9 - Blade for Marking Knife C9
This blade for woodcarving knife C9 is intended for marking lines for fine joinery layout work. It is also designed for geometric woodcarving, producing lines, which aids in making accurate cuts with chisel. The blade features high carbon steel. Designed...
BC10 - Blade for Geometric Carving Knife C10
This blade for knife C10 is used mainly for geometric woodcarving, cutting geometric patterns in the wood, aligning the background with relief wood carvings and more. Its special beveled blade shape is great for performing both geometric wood carving and...
BC10s - Blade for Geometric Carving Knife C10s
With the blade for knife C10s, the woodworker can carve geometric shapes, patterns, cut out squares, triangles, lines, and carve letters, caricatures and more. Its high-carbon steel takes a razor-edge. Designed by BeaverCraft.
BC11 - Blade for Geometric Carving Knife C11
The blade for knife C11 is designed for making long and short lines and other geometric elements and for execution of undercutting works. Using this blade, a carver can perform different geometric wood carvings, letters cuttings with different complexity. The...
BC11s - Blade for Geometric Carving Knife C11s
The blade for knife C11s is intended for geometric woodcarving, cutting out geometric patterns of any complexity, carving letters and more. The blade is small, but allows surgical precision in cutting. Its high carbon steel features durability. Designed by BeaverCraft.
BC12 - Blade for Skew Knife C12
This blade for knife C12 is used for taking more vertical cuts where space is limited for a conventional whittling stroke. Made of high-carbon steel, the tool shank gives just enough to follow the contour of carving, eliminating the need...
BC13 - Blade for Whittling Knife C13
The blade for knife C13 is ideal for whittling, the removal thin layers of wood, delicate processing of hard-to-reach places due to the thin edge of the end of cutting part. Such a blade will cope perfectly with the thread...
BC14 - Blade for Whittling Knife C14
The blade of knife C14 is designed for whittling tiny layers of wood, leveling the surfaces of various elements and backgrounds. This multifunctional plane blade is well suited for removing thin layers of wood and cutting. The tapered blade is...
BC15 - Blade for Detail Knife C15
The blade of knife C15 is good for the delicate processing of thin elements and trimming miniature things. This blade is well suited for background cleaning and cutting through deep hard-to-reach elements. The sharp blade is made of hardened high-carbon...
BC16 - Blade for Roughing Knife C16
The straight blade with a rounded durable point of knife C16 is well for removing heavier stock and is a great general purpose carving blade. The supersharp blade is made of hardened high-carbon steel. It retains its sharpness for a...
BSK1 - Blade for Spoon Carving Knife 25 mm
The blade for spoon carving knife SK1 has the excellent U-shape for making detailed cuts or rounding out bowls and spoons, kuksa or a rounded edge to add some detail to your project. The blade is deeply curved, edged all...
BSK2 - Blade for Spoon Carving Knife 30 mm
This blade for spoon carving knife SK2 is aimed at forming the hollows of spoons and bowls, cutting out kuksa or making rounded edges. The deeply curved, single-edged blade is sharpened all the way to the pointed tip. The blade...

BeaverCraft is excited to supply you with high quality wood carving knife blades! A good wood carving blade is everything to success in a carver’s workshop. Its sharpness, state and overall ability and quality all influence the result that you get so vividly on your carvings. So, of course, it’s only natural to take care of the blades that you use and not be shy about changing them once in a while when it’s time to.

Knives blades for wood carving tools

What’s so good about Beaver blade types that will pull you in? Well, honestly, the first thing to admire about our quality carving blades – the compound. The steel which they are created of is incredibly strong, high on carbon and famous as the greatest material for carving knife blades. These razors are easy to keep sharp and they stay that way much longer than all the rest. They are strong enough to work with any type of wood and make you feel confident and comfortable in your workshop.

Another good pleasant moment is Beaver blade price, of course. BeaverCraft is known as the utensils maker that keeps its prices easy, affordable and approachable so it’s an important matter for us and we want to be here for you as much as we can.

And, of course, we are very proud of being able to deliver your chosen tools and accessories to any part of the world because we’ve got worldwide shipping. So you’ll be able to forget the question “How do I find a proper carving knife blade near me?

Where can I find wood carving knife blades from BeaverCraft?

Here! Besides, it’s possible to buy our goods from some local distributors but on our website you certainly are able to order the products to any part of the globe. Therefore, if you wish to get Ireland wood carving blade, go on. What if you require an Australia carving knife blade? That’s also not a problem.

We made sure that all the time you can spend on worrying about something you’ll spend on worrying about how to get that next project done near to perfection and not on thinking about where to grab the utensils needed for exactly that. Want your New Zealand carving blades? Canada beaver blade? All good, we’ve got what you demand.

Since BeaverCraft is a European company located in Ukraine, it won’t be a problem to order Germany wood carving knife blades or the UK carving blades too. Your London carving knife blades will get to you easily as well as the DE wood carving knife blades just mentioned.

Certainly, the delivery of the USA Beaver blade will be effortless and easy as well.

No reason for you to hesitate – welcome!

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