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AP1 – Adjustable Green Canvas Work Apron
What's better than a good apron? A high-quality work apron by BeaverCraft! Our AP1 Green Canvas Work Apron is a must-have for a wide range of industries and fields of use. It reliably protects the body and creates comfort during...
AP2X – Adjustable Brown Leather Work Apron
Protective equipment for many professions and fields of activity is an essential condition for ensuring the safety and comfort of work. Our AP2X Adjustable Leather Work Apron is a stylish and ultra-durable accessory that provides the highest level of protection,...
AP3X – Adjustable Black&Brown Leather Work Apron
If you're a wood carver, artist, electrician, mechanic, butcher, chef, barber, or barista and value comfort and style in your workwear, then this AP3X Adjustable Leather Work Apron will not go unnoticed. This heavy-duty leather work apron model is designed...
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AP4 – Adjustable Canvas and Leather Work Apron
Made of canvas and leather, this heavy-duty and functional apron model BeaverCraft AP4 is designed for those who are not afraid of hard work and strive to look stylish. One-size-fits-all and classic design will look equally appropriate on both men...
AP5 – Adjustable Leather Carving Bib for Chest Protection
Working on your wood carvings, especially when carving spoons and bowls or creating other small projects, you may get a sore chest from the close-up carving. To protect yourself and your clothes, and, at the same time, to have stable...
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