C4S - Whittling Knife with leather sheath

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This whittling set includes:
  • A sloyd knife
  • The leather sheath to keep your knife protected.
Nothing lifts a woodcarver's spirit like a newly acquired tool. The BeaverCraft C4s Sloyd Knife is a woodcarving knife that draws on years of tradition and experience from the BeaverCraft design team. It provides confidence in its simplest form and clean lines, making it a versatile, durable, and safe knife in the hands of the experienced woodcarver, DIYer, or person who has discovered a new hobby in the form of woodcarving.

The knife is of the highest quality, practical, and reliable. It is made in the laconic for whittling knives design traditional and is a convenient and functional wood carving tool intended for all types of woodworking.

The reliable blade is complemented by a beautiful handle made of solid hardwood oak, covered with natural linseed oil, and comes with a leather sheath that will protect your wood carving tool from damage. The sheath is made from genuine cowhide leather in a pleasant brown color.

Using this BeaverCraft premium-quality C4s sloyd knife, you can easily use it for wood carving, cutting, and roughing wood. The blade has a thin point, which is ideal for the delicate carving of wood and works on narrow parts.
C4S - Whittling Knife with leather sheath
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