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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Tools


What tools are good for carving

Wood carving can be both an exciting hobby that brings absolute pleasure and a real challenge. What it becomes for you depends on the tools you choose. It would seem that it can be pretty easy to select. However, if you do not consider essential aspects, then wood carving for beginners will become an intricate process that takes a lot of time and effort.

High-quality, reliable and convenient wood carving tools are the dream of anyone who loves to create wood crafts. Do you want your knives and tools to last a long time and be reliable and easy to use? We have prepared a simple guide to help you choose basic wood carving tools and not be disappointed.

Wide range of wood carving tools

Stay with us and learn the best wood carving tools 2022 and what to look for when buying them. So here are five simple tips for choosing the right tools:

Material Quality

Each knife and wood carving tool has two main components – the blade and the handle. The choice of a good tool is based on several parameters. The most important is the quality of the manufacturing materials of the blade, handle, and fittings.
If you're a beginner learning how to wood carve, remember that high-carbon steel is the best material for your tools. With the proper ratio, carbon makes the blade durable and able to keep perfect sharpness for a long time.

Common wood carving chisel

The handle determines the ease of use of the tool. There is a great variety of materials for manufacturing this part of instruments. Each has its advantages and disadvantages. But not all carvers like handles made of modern materials and prefer the classics – wood. The choice of handle material is a matter of personal preference; the main thing to remember is that it must be durable, comfortable, and reliable.

Blade Sharpness

Without a quality blade, wood carving tools have no right to be called good. It doesn't matter which material you choose, but the edge must be perfectly sharp, without scratches, roughness, and notches. Blade material should be dense and uniform.
Pay attention to the sharpening angle. Cutting properties will depend on it. The best woodcarving tool must be razor-sharp, like this BeaverCraft C17P Universal Detail Pro Knife that provides long-lasting performance without needing to sharpen it constantly. A few minutes of stropping will be enough to make it extra sharp again.

Palm knife shark fin

Another crucial feature is the blade attachment. Study it carefully: the blade should fit snugly against the handle and be a clear continuation of it, without curves and bends.

Pay Attention to Handle Ergonomics

It would seem that the main thing in wood carving tools and knives is only their cutting edge. However, choosing the right handle determines how comfortable you will work and ensures safety during the wood carving session.

Wooden owl pine cone

The material may vary – metal, wood, or plastic. However, wood remains the favorite material for many carvers. It may be ashwood as in this BeaverCraft C16 Big Roughing Knife, oak, white birch, or black walnut like in this BeaverCraft S19X Premium Whittling Set – it all depends on your tastes and preferences. The same applies to form. Please remember that the handle should be ergonomic and fit comfortably in your hand. The handle material must be of high quality. It should be durable, smooth, and functional.

Knives with walnut handles

Explore Tool Reviews

To avoid mistakes, carefully choose where to buy knives and wood carving tools. Even the most expensive tool can be unreliable and very inconvenient to use. So, study the reviews of real buyers, recommendations, and opinions of carvers who have tried these tools in their work. Honest wood carving tool reviews are one of the main factors in determining tool reliability.

The man who interested in wood carving

Consider Manufacturer Credibility

When choosing traditional wood carving tools for hand carving, do not skimp. These instruments should last many years and must be durable and reliable. Various ‘noname’ manufacturers cannot guarantee you high quality. In addition, the technical characteristics of doubtful brands are often very questionable.

Choose wood carving tools from well-known and trusted manufacturers. Their high standards, manufacturability, and constant model improvements will allow you to choose a convenient and reliable tool for your carving tasks.

Where to buy wood carving tools

Sometimes, when buying a new woodcarving tool, beginners are guided only by its appearance and/or cost. You must approach this issue more thoroughly for such instruments to become a perfect investment. No matter what tool you choose, it must combine several parameters, such as high quality, convenience, and durability.

We wish you a successful purchase and only a positive wood carving experience. Join the BeaverCraft carving community and discover essential wood carving tools & techniques for beginners to learn this craft effectively. Whittle with pleasure!


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