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DK1S - Drawknife with Oak Handle in Leather Sheath
Blade length - 120 mm (4.72 inches) Blade thickness - 3 mm (0.12 inches) Handle length - 120 mm (4.72 inches) Total length - 360 mm (14.17 inches) Wood carving is a fascinating hobby, an activity that requires not only...
DK2S - Drawknife in Leather Sheath
Blade length - 120 mm (4.72 inches) Blade thickness - 3 mm (0.12 inches) Handle length - 105 mm (4.13 inches) Total length - 330 mm (12.99 inches) A drawknife (drawing knife, draw shave, shaving knife) is used to shape...
Draw Knives

You can get frustrated if you prefer working with big workpieces, for example, outside statues or wooden signs, and having only palm tools everywhere or something to work on small workpieces. So we’ve thought about that too – after all, having happy customers with gorgeous outside statues done with our tools is the best reward we can think of! That’s why BeaverCraft has started manufacturing draw knives. A knife like this can work with a much bigger woodpiece, it gets rid of quite a lot of wood waste at one go so it’s a great tool to have for roughing out a big bark or wood piece before going detailed on it. Draw knife has a bigger blade and two handles so you feel comfortable while working with it. Being able to apply force with two hands helps out greatly, especially if you like to apply more force.

BeaverCraft presents its draw knives for sale with a sheath that covers the blade so you are completely safe from the injuries while unpacking the delivery. Enjoy starting out new big projects with our draw knives for woodworking or get small draw knives for sale and practice carving with two hands on something smaller than the whole statue. The choice is yours!

Looking for draw knives for sale near me!

It can be not that easy to find woodworking tools locally, unfortunately, but that’s why BeaverCraft has made it its responsibility and is working with worldwide deliveries! So, basically, wherever you are and wherever you want to order any woodworking tools, including draw knives Canada (for example), we’ll be able to deliver them to you. For delivery we use two post services, one is UPS and the second is the Ukrainian Post (which can be a little slower as most of the national post offices are). Yes, you read correctly – BeaverCraft and our manufacturing are based in Ukraine, the biggest European country. So you can be sure – you won’t receive anything less than that European quality you expect!

Order your draw knives UK and ensure safety and progress in your workshop with our tools. BeaverCraft is delighted to expand the community and share more and more with more people. All our tutorials and advice is there for you in our social media to learn from, so welcome to join our community if you haven’t yet or welcome back if you are with us already.

Defining proper draw knives for woodworking

Now that you know how to solve the “draw knives for sale near me” issue, you’ll find out why BeaverCraft draw knives are actually good. To consider a knife good, you need to know about its main features, of course. So now we’ll describe how we make these draw knives and what we want from them.

Basically, a draw knife is called that way because you’re actually drawing it against the wooden surface to get rid of wood by shaving it off. It’s a big blade with handles on both sides. To make it comfortable, you want those handles to be non-slippery and easy to grab. BeaverCraft makes wooden handles for all of its products, draw knives are not an exception. You’ll get two wooden handles finished with natural oil to serve longer.

The razor should be extremely sharp and that’s why we make it with tough carbon steel. High-carbon makes it tougher, stronger and easier to sharpen. Moreover, it’s the reason for the blade to hold that edge much longer. High-carbon steel is common with woodworking tools, so it’s no surprise we do only the best for you.

Reading up draw knife reviews

If that hasn’t convinced you, it’s okay. Go on and read the draw knife reviews that are shared in the BeaverCraft community. It’s important to hear other people’s opinions to define if that’s what you need and how good or bad something actually is. We’re proud to have quite a few great and satisfied reviews because our goal is to be here for the customers and provide them with only the best!

Hopefully, after reading the reviews you’ll feel sure that this is definitely something that you’d like to try. You’re more than welcome to check out the draw knives and get one for yourself now!

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