blade of knife C1
Knife C1 size

C1 – Kleines Schnitzmesser

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    • Gesamtlänge – 165 mm (6,49 Zoll)
    • Klingenlänge – 60 mm (2,36 Zoll)
    • Klingenbreite – 15 mm (0,60 Zoll)
    • Grifflänge – 105 mm (4,13 Zoll)

    Unser messerscharfes Holzschnitzmesser von BeaverCraft eignet sich hervorragend zum Schnitzen, für allgemeine Holzarbeiten und zum Basteln. Dieses Schnitzmesser ist das perfekte Werkzeug für verschiedene Holzschnitzprojekte. Das Messer ist handgefertigt aus kohlenstoffreichem Stahl, gehärtet und gut geschärft. Durch die Schärfe des Messers kannst du sowohl Weich- als auch Hartholz schneiden.

    Der Messergriff ist aus Eschenholz gefertigt, gut poliert und mit natürlichem Leinöl überzogen. Es ist sowohl für Rechts- als auch für Linkshänder gut geeignet.

    C1 – Kleines Schnitzmesser

    C1 – Kleines Schnitzmesser

    $0.00 $13.00

    C1 – Kleines Schnitzmesser

    $0.00 $13.00

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 428 reviews

    Thank you. It’s what I want.

    Stefan Persson
    Lovely carving knife

    This is really a lovely little carving knife! I bought it because I wanted a knife with cured edge to reach the inner part of flat surfaces and it is really doing the jobb. Sharp right out of the nice box and keeping the shapness. I treat it a couple of times with linseed oil. Beautiful artwork, too! Keep up the good work!

    Dear Stefan,
    Thank you for your fantastic feedback! We're delighted to hear that you're enjoying your carving knife.
    We will be happy to see you anytime again!

    Wonderful Wood Cutting Knife

    Bought this neat little knife to whittle my pencils for more lead, and it did the job with little to no force as it glided across the grain. It arrives protected in a slightly thick plastic sheath (though I would say to be careful).It’s definitely helped make my drawing process smoother. I no longer have to struggle with a box cutter or breaking lead during the process again 😂

    B. FiskB. Fisk
    Great knife

    It came very sharp, and cuts wonderful.It even came with a few bandaids.

    Sam 1

    Knife works great for carving it's my fourth one


    Très Tranchant, bonne prise en mains .Le petit + du vendeur deux pansements dans la boite...Et vous savez quoi???j'ai utilisé un pansement des le lendemain car le couteau a traversé mon gant de protection de level 5 CE !Donc merci pour se petit + ,))))

    Jerry shadrickJerry shadrick
    Great knife use mine in my guitar shop

    comes very sharp and ready to use.

    Kenneth Downs
    Sharp and well made

    Got this for my girlfriend so she would stop trying to whittle with my pocket knife. It seems to be very well made and I think it's worth more than what they're charging! Good stuff.

    Great for beginners

    Comes out of the box very sharp and ready to use. For a beginner like myself, it's very budget friendly without being flimsy or cheap quality. Is it the best knife in the world? no. But at this price point, it's a great way to get someone into the hobby of whittling.

    Manuel T.

    De lo mejor para el precio que tiene