Knife for Detailing and Wood Carving
Knife for Detailing and Wood Carving
Knife for Detailing and Wood Carving
Knife for Detailing and Wood Carving
Knife for Detailing and Wood Carving
Knife for Detailing and Wood Carving
Knife for Detailing and Wood Carving

C15 – Detail-Holzschnitzmesser

Subtotal: $13.00
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  • Gesamtlänge – 155 mm (6,10 Zoll)
  • Klingenlänge – 35 mm (1,37 Zoll)
  • Grifflänge – 115 mm (4,53 Zoll)
  • Griffmaterial – Eschenholz

Die Klinge des Messers C15 eignet sich gut für die feine Bearbeitung dünner Elemente und das Beschneiden von Miniaturgegenständen. Diese Klinge eignet sich außerdem zum Reinigen des Hintergrunds und zum Durchschneiden tiefer, schwer zugänglicher Elemente.

Die scharfe Klinge besteht aus gehärtetem Kohlenstoffstahl, der seine Schärfe lange behält und das Schnitzen von weichem und hartem Holz ermöglicht. Dieses Detail-Holzschnitzmesser von BeaverCraft, wurde speziell für feinere Arbeiten entworfen. Am besten gleich bei uns im Shop bestellen.

C15 – Detail-Holzschnitzmesser

C15 – Detail-Holzschnitzmesser

$0.00 $13.00

C15 – Detail-Holzschnitzmesser

$0.00 $13.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 148 reviews
Deborah McCloud
GREAT Quality

Very good knife, sharp out of the box! Easy to handle and a super value compared to other brands I've purchased.

Valérie Robin pardo
Super tranchant

Je débute et apres avoir acheté du (bon marché), qui m'aurais dégouté de la sculpture sur bois , j'ai regardé quelques vidéos conseil de personnes aguerris, et la j'ai compris qu'il ne fallait surtout pas acheter n'importe quoi, sous prétexte de faire de fausses économies .Une lame solide et un tranchant digne d'un scalpel, (attention les doigts),et la malgré mon inexpérience le bout de bois a enfin pris la forme que j'attendais .Pour le reste, livraison très rapide, j'attend avec impatience mon kit, deux autres couteaux plus le nécessaire d'affutage de la même marque bien sur encore merci.

My favorite knife

I am very new to wood carving and I started with a 3 piece set first by Beavercraft but also got this one, and now this knife is the only one I use. It's comfortable to hold and easy to use.

Calidad precio increíble

Muy buen cuchillo para como indica el nombre pequeños detalles viene super afilado y la geometría de la hoja me encanta, espero que esta marca saque mas variedad de herramientas al estilo de Flexcut 10/10

Ben R.
Price + Quality = WIN

As is typically the case with carving knives and gouges, increased price doesn’t necessarily equal increased quality. Thankful for the affordable little treasure.

Scarey sharp!

I purchased 2 detail knives and they arrived ready to carve.I would not consider these beginner knives or for kids because of the sharpness.They hold the edge as well as other so called higher end knives that i use.Just stropping brings the edge back to shaving sharpness.I was skeptical buying these until i purchased 2 different detail knives and put them into action.No disappointment with these whatsoever.

G Luv
My favorite

I do mostly smallish carving/whittling projects on poplar, butternut, basswood and cedar. This is my go-to favorite knife. It has a flexible, thin blade that has also proven to be very durable. I occasionally work it hard, and they have obviously got the tempering right. It has proven to be both flexible and strong over time. I only strop to polish as necessary, no other edge maintenance required. This is the only blade I use to set stop cuts, so very fine, clean and deep.... I have no idea why they refer to this as a beginners knife...because it doesn't cost $75?? Sign me up as a beginner I guess... I hope to be using this blade 20 yrs from now. It doesn't have elite name swag, but this is a very nice knife. Peace,

Patrick Flynn
Very nice knife

Very sharp forcutting my wood at a great price.

Katherine M.

This is my favorite one of all the ones that I have.

S. A. Wolz
Great knives for an affordable price!

I’ve added yet another BeaverCraft to my collection! They come sharp as heck and ready to work. I was so afraid I’d break the tip of my other small detail knife and this one looks like it’ll do the job.I’m still a noob with carving and they’re a great option that won’t break the bank.