S05 - Spanholzschnitzmesser-Set in Buchform

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  • Ein Satz mit 4 Werkzeugen
  • Entworfen für geometrische Holzschnitzereien
  • Das Set kommt in der Form eines Buches
  • Perfektes Geschenk für Liebhaber der Holzschnitzerei

Bist du auf der Suche nach dem idealen Geschenk für einen Freund oder Bekannten, der gerne Holzschnitzerei mag? Oder suchst du ein schönes und optisch ansprechendes Set für dich selbst? Hier hat deine Suche ein Ende.

Unser Set kommt mit 4 Holzschnitzmessern, die multipel einsetzbar sind und sehr gut in der Hand liegen. Die Box kommt bereits als Geschenkverpackung – denn die Hülle ist in der Form eines Buches! Mit diesem Set kannst du sehr gut lange und kurze Linien und andere geometrische Elemente zeichnen und Unterschneidungsarbeiten durchführen. Mit diesem Set sind alle Arten von Mustern möglich: Buchstaben, Linien, geometrische Objekte usw.

Darüber hinaus sind alle unsere Werkzeuge messerscharf und sofort einsatzbereit und die Klingen bestehen aus hochwertigem Kohlenstoffstahl. Durch die ergonomischen Griffe ist langes Arbeiten kein Problem mehr. Selbst bei stundenlangem Schnitzen werden sich deine Hände nicht müde anfühlen.

Die Griffe der Werkzeuge sind aus Eschenholz gefertigt und mit natürlichem Leinöl überzogen. Mit diesem Set erhältst du nicht nur die Werkzeuge zum Schnitzen, sondern auch einen Lederanschlag und eine grüngraue Poliermasse zum Aufbewahren, die Werkzeuge messerscharf.

C12 - Spanschnitzmesser

  • Gesamtlänge – 160 mm (6,29 Zoll)
  • Grifflänge – 120 mm (4,72 Zoll)
  • Länge der Schneide - 20 mm (0,78 Zoll)

C11s – Kleines Messer für geometrische Holzschnitzerei

  • Gesamtlänge – 140 mm (5,51 Zoll)
  • Grifflänge – 105 mm (4,13 Zoll)
  • Breite der Schneidkante - 20 mm (0,78 Zoll)

C10 – Geometrisches Schnitzmesser

  • Gesamtlänge – 150 mm (5,90 Zoll)
  • Grifflänge – 105 mm (4,13 Zoll)
  • Breite der Schneidkante - 40 mm (1,57 Zoll)

C10s – Kleines Messer für geometrische Holzschnitzerei

  • Gesamtlänge – 135 mm (5,31 Zoll)
  • Grifflänge – 105 mm (4,13 Zoll)
  • Breite der Schneidkante - 30 mm (1,18 Zoll)
S05 - Spanholzschnitzmesser-Set in Buchform

S05 - Spanholzschnitzmesser-Set in Buchform


S05 - Spanholzschnitzmesser-Set in Buchform


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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews
Kindle CustomerKindle Customer
This is a great kit and a fun project!!

I won this kit in a giveaway by BeaverCraft. I am very much a beginner. I have not worked with wood since as teenager (16 years ago) when I would whittle with my pocketknife. I really enjoyed using these knives!! They are sharp!! It was like cutting through butter. Beavercraft has tons of easy to understand tutorial videos. I followed along and made my first spoon. My husband is intrigued and wants to try now. Can't wait to start on a new project. Thanks Beavercraft!!!

Elaine M. BakElaine M. Bak
Great starter kit!

Whittling attempt #1! Love this little BeaverCraft 🦫 🪵 kit I got, and I whittled a small, basic spoon! The knives are sharp out of the box. I did not receive the tutorial it says is included, so I had to find a video to learn how to use the letter stropping - well worth it. I did a small cut on my thumb when accidentally pushing on the sharp end of the curved blade (it’s hard to see the difference and I’m new!), but I only made that error once. Kit is great Yakut, be th box is adorable. I Still need to sand and add mineral oil. Definitely a rough attempt, but I quite enjoyed the focus of it!

Holds edge very sharp & Very Satisfied

Nice set that comes with everything needed to get you started carving. Comes with a spoon blank. BeaverCraft also has a box of multiple wood blanks (sold separately- I bought on sale for $12) that can give you endless possibilities of stuff to carve. Really well made compared to higher cost brands which I have to compare to. They have always came sharp, but I would say to use the strop & compound first so that you really get a razor sharp edge. I personally like the handles on them so I can really get a good strong/firm cut going. You can easily carve them if you like them to fit your hands. It’s the blade that counts. Stays sharp and has held an edge far past my other tools. I completely shaved this blank spoon into a eating utensil in a few hours and my edges are still holding a sharp edge. Very satisfied

John HortonJohn Horton
Complete, sharp and well built.

I enjoy the completeness of this kit. The knives are sharp straight out of the box. Blades are attached well the handles.

Cleve's Backyard WoodworkingCleve's Backyard Woodworking
Great spoon carving kit.

First time hand carving a spoon and this kit was great. Knives were sharp right out the box and made a cool looking spoon. Great for just starting out, make sure to protect yourself from cuts! Happy Carving!

Works great

Sooo nice for carving spoons! I did one with other tools and that sucked. This makes it 1000 times easier! It came super sharp, great quality steel and altogether. Ive so far carved 4 large spoons out of solid black walnut and its just starting to dull. Just needed a quick touch up to keep super sharp. I think the steel quality is excellent. Highly recommend

Pretty good but not quite perfect. Still a great value

I won this knife in a giveaway and was asked to give my thoughts on it . There's a few different points I'll hit on that I tried to picture.The new handle design vs. The old. The old design (shown here on a previously self purchased kuska knife) with a ferrule feels like it might have an overall stronger construction but the wood feel is much nicer to work with. For me personally, with smaller hands both handles are just a bit too large but the new handle design allows me to shape the handle down some to make it more comfortable. The fit of the blade into the handle seems a bit crooked but it doesn't feel like it affect performance at all. The finish is smooth and acceptable.The finishing cuts into the bowl of a dry cherry spoon I was working on came out clean. The knife came sharp out of the package but I gave it a few passes on a strop before trying any cuts. I haven't gotten a chance to try it on green wood yet but with how it handled the dry cherry I think it'll do fine.How it came. There's not a whole lot to worry about as far as packaging. It did come with a few bandages with I thought was a nice touch. The blade itself was wrapped in a soft foam sheet that wasn't really reusable. I do wish it came with some sort of sheath or reusable foam block I could keep over the blade for protection but for the cost this isn't really something to expect.Final thought? It's a decent knife especially for the price. Yeah there's some things that could make it better but it's hard to make a 1 size fits all tool when every person has different sized hands. Shipping the blade pressed in a solid foam rubber style block instead of the wrap it came in would be a nice way to give some storage safety but again for being one of the lowest starting points for hook knives it would probably just raise the price on this basic tool.


Watch a YouTube video to understand how best to use these. I struggled at first but after watching a BeaverCraft spoon carving video, I was able to quickly make up four sets of large wooden spoons on Christmas Eve. IMPORTANT: get yourself some cheap carving gloves with this. You can’t replace fingers so protect them well.

Skooma Steve
Really good entry level kit

I found this kit to be an incredible value. Though, at the time of me writing this review the kit seems to be unavailable.

Need gloves!

After watching a few Youtube videos, I tried the set out and ended up whittling for 3 hours. In addition to this I also bought gloves for prepping food for $17 and I highly recommend that. I never whittled before and several times I did not realize I was holding the blade part with my palm. I also had a puncture wound when I lost control and the gloves did not completely save me. But no ER visit at 2am.I was kind of chuckling because some people said the blade wouldn’t cut at all…and I think they were using the wrong side. The blades work well and I was carving pine wood which is not as soft as basswood.For components, there is foam inside with cut outs for the pieces to protect the blade. I also like that the wooden box has a piece that bends because it’s been scored.Overall m, the set is good, but for my purposes I might need to add a different knife.