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SK2Oak - Löffelschnitzmesser 30 mm mit Eichenholzgriff

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  • Gesamtlänge – 195 mm (7,68 Zoll)
  • Rundungsdurchmesser – 30 mm (1,18 Zoll)
  • Grifflänge – 130 mm (5,12 Zoll)
  • Griffmaterial – Eiche

Ein Hakenmesser zum Schneiden von Löffeln dient zum Ausschneiden von Löffeln, Schüsseln, Kuksa und anderen Produkten oder hat eine abgerundete Kante, um Ihrem Schnitzprojekt einige Details zu verleihen. Sein Rundungsdurchmesser beträgt 30 mm, ideal für kleine Produkte. Mit diesem Hakenmesser können Sie weiches und hartes Holz schneiden.

Das Tranchiermesser mit Haken ist das hervorragende U-förmige Utensil für detaillierte Schnitte oder das Abrunden von Schüsseln und Löffeln. Die Klinge aus Kohlenstoffstahl des Tranchiermessers ist einschneidig. Für eine bessere Kontrolle können Sie mit einer Hand auf der Klinge schneiden. Messergriff aus Eiche.

Customer Reviews

Based on 61 reviews
Chris Mex
Made a bowl

This product arrived on time and worked great. I made my first sauna dipper.

First spoon knife

Came very sharp and has beautiful look and feel

Very nice hook knife.

This knife is well built and sharp right out of the box. The Beavercraft people are very nice to do business with!

Nice quality spoon hook knife

Beavercraft produces and sells quality working wood carving tools at a reasonable price. This gouge is no different, it arrived sharp and fit my hand well. I will look at more of their products as needed.I think I may look for another model with a smaller radius.

Philip J Oczkowski
Got hooked on this knife!

Excellent price, sturdy and sharp. Circular shape great for carving spoons.

Benjamin Smith
Solid Product

A great hook knife. For the price you just can't beat the feel and usability of beavercraft. Keep doing what you guys do!

Cuts like butter

Great knife! Quality sharpness out of the box. A little big for most spoons but fantastic for cups bowls or larger items.

Matt NMatt N
I love this hook knife!

Wow this hook knife is amazing. Sharp as can be, straight out of the box. The handle is beefy, yet feels so comfortable in my hand. Cuts are smooth and consistent, perfect for bowl or spoon carving. Definitely, the type of quality I've come to expect and appreciate from Beavercraft, and a quality that far exceeds its affordable price. . I believe I have about 4 or 5 carving tools from Beavercraft and will definitely own more.

Philip TomlinsonPhilip Tomlinson
sharp, versatile tool

With a robust, highly polished, symmetrically curved blade and beautiful, solid, comfortable handle (oval in cross-section), my SK2 hook knife can help me carve wooden spoons, ladles, cups, kuksas, bowls, and many other items having a rounded concavity more than 1.5 inches in diameter.

Lenore Richmond
Perfect for what I need

Carving spoons

SK2Oak - Löffelschnitzmesser 30 mm mit Eichenholzgriff
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