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B1 - Spoon Carving Blank

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  • 260 x 65 x 40 mm (10.23 x 2.55 x 1.57 inches)

Get ready for wooden spoon carving! This spoon carving blank is made from light and soft linden wood. It has an excellent shape, you just need to design and finish your artwork. Having carved the workpiece, you can paint it, cover with varnish or natural oil. The wood carving blank is great both for beginners and professionals woodcarvers.

Customer Reviews

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Nicely done

Great products always From the European guys. Rather it be Ukrainian, sweadish, Finnish, Swiss, Danish Serbian these guys live in the woods and make great products for doing anything with wood.

Nadine bowles


Becky Mercer
Easy carving, seems thick for a spoon blank

This soft basswood spoon blank is the first one I have ever used along my spoon carving journey. There is a LOT of material to work with, you could carve a very deep spoon from this if you wanted. If trying to make a more traditional wooden spoon for cooking etc, you will need to remove a lot of material. Mine had a pretty gnarly knot at the end which has been very tricky to carve around, but adds an interesting visual!

Michael Aguon
Quality product

I got this product for my wife. Nice product for beginners. Because of thickness I was able to bandsaw piece into two.

Kate Holzhausen
Basswood Wood Carving Spoon

This was purchased as part of my grandson's upcoming birthday in April. Looks good. Bought beginner carving set, basswood blocks, safety gloves. Hope he enjoys his projects. Also, bought beginner's book for children on carving.

It's ready when you are

Great piece to practice on before laying down on an expensive piece of material. User friendly right away, good material for the money!!

Lasso The Mayday
Good Quality, Great Starter Project

Just as expected, good quality.

Once I get it cut I will enjoy.

I wish it had come where I didn’t need a table saw to cut in half or 1/3 rds

It is a lovely piece of wood

The spoon blank was exactly as depicted. I look forward to carving it

Perfect for beginners

Just started whittling and doing woodwork about 2 months ago and this was a good point to go to for a second or third project. Good buy to start off on a spoon carving project

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B1 - Spoon Carving Blank
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