Compact Bushcraft Knife
Compact Bushcraft Knife
Compact Bushcraft Knife

BSH5 Shadow – Compact Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife Walnut Handle With Leather Sheath

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Embrace the untamed wilderness or conquer everyday tasks armed with the brand-new BSH5 Shadow Compact Bushcraft Knife by BeaverCraft – a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering reliability. Crafted with attention to detail, this robust and razor-sharp knife is the epitome of durability and versatility.

At the heart of this EDC fixed blade knife lies its formidable blade, made from 1066 high-carbon steel boasting a remarkable hardness of 58-60HR. This exceptional steel ensures that the edge retains its sharpness even under the harshest conditions, making it a reliable companion for all outdoor pursuits. To shield the blade from the elements, we have applied a bluing technique – a sleek black oxide coating that effectively protects against rust and corrosion.

What sets the BSH5 Shadow apart from its predecessors is the adoption of a hollow grind type of sharpening, allowing for perfect precision and cutting performance. This remarkable feature, coupled with its compact dimensions, transforms this campcraft knife into a portable powerhouse, ready to tackle any daily task or bushcraft challenge that comes your way. Whether you need a knife for wood carving, outdoor expeditions, mushroom hunting, or any other camp craft activity, the BSH5 Shadow is a trusty companion that never compromises on excellence.

This everyday carry knife boasts a full-tang construction, offering exceptional strength and resilience. The handle material, European walnut, exudes elegance while providing optimal grip and comfort during extended usage. The handle scales are fixed with two rivets and can be replaced.

To complement its extraordinary capabilities, the BSH5 Shadow Bushcraft Knife is accompanied by a cowhide leather sheath with a fixed suspension system, allowing easy and secure carrying. With its convenient snap closure, the knife remains effortlessly accessible anytime. Additionally, the BSH5 Shadow features a striking backside that enables you to create sparks by striking a flint rod, making fire-starting effortless during your camping and hiking adventures.


  • Total length – 210 mm (8.26 inches)
  • Blade length – 95 mm (3.74 inches)
  • Blade width – 30 mm (1.18 inches)
  • Blade thickness – 2.5 mm (0.09 inches)
  • Handle length – 115 mm (4.52 inches)
  • Steel material – 1066 Carbon, 58-60 HRC
  • Handle material – European walnut
  • Sheath material – Cowhide leather


Compact Bushcraft Knife

BSH5 Shadow – Compact Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife Walnut Handle With Leather Sheath


BSH5 Shadow – Compact Carbon Steel Bushcraft Knife Walnut Handle With Leather Sheath


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Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Ray Cawston
😎👍 Kudos!

I am liking this knife! Stout, Robust, Workhorse, just a few things that describe this blade. Yet subtle and unassuming in appearance .
I am a contractor, avid outdoors person ... this knife gets used.
I came across a BSH5 build your own scales kit while hunting for a replacement EDC I misplaced (lost) recently. The specs on this intriged me so acquired one and put my spin on it. For now a paracord wrap in reflecting blue while i carve out some red oak scales. Enjoying the "Hello" out of the quality and performance of this blade. Ive not come across a task so far that it has faltered on.
Very nice work beavercrafttools

Charles F.
Great starter knife

I really like this knife. Carried it for just about a solid week working outdoors. The other reviews I have read are pretty spot-on, sharp, easy to keep sharp, deep bluing but would add the ONLY detractor I could find is fit in my hands. The finger swells just seem a bit off for large hands but that wasn't anything that would prevent me from saying you will love this knife when you buy it.

T. Schenk
Für den Preis ordentliche Qualität

Schöner Nussbaumgriff und generell ordentlich verarbeitet. Der Kohlenstoffstahl lässt sich einfach schärfen. Auch nach mehrmaligem Gebrauch draußen alles in Ordnung.

Andrew O.
I’ve got an addiction to these blades!

Alright to start, if you’re just getting into outdoors anything where you’ll be spending time outside making fires and camping or anything this brand of knives are legit top tier! The spine is set already for fire starter use the blade is a scanty grind so it holds a razor edge easily. It’s full tang and can shrug off a fair amount of abuse. The coating looks nice but as I’ve put it to its paces you can tell that it will come off in time. Over all I would tell you to skip some other brands of knives even if they are cheaper and go with these especially this one. Dollars to pounds this is a fine knife that won’t fail. It also comes razor sharp!

Dawg PoundDawg Pound
Beavercraft knives

I originally bought the Beavercraft BSH-4, being very pleased. I have since purchased all the Beavercraft bushcraft knives, BSH 1-5. They are very sharp out of the box, some are smaller (blades average 4-6 ) than others. All the knives come with a sheath. Very economical, would recommend.

Matt Nickerson
Great knife.

This is a great knife. Stays sharp and feels good in your hand. Now this is not something you will be splitting logs with (maybe small logs) but it is a great size for all sorts of tasks. As mentioned in other reviews the leather flap on the sheath to hold the knife in place is not great but the quality of the knife is what is important. That being said I haven't had the knife fall out of the sheath so overall you get a great value for the price. In fact I think it is under priced now that I purchased it.

Mr. Oatmeal
Quality and good value

Should last for a lifetime. Light-weight with good balance. Came pretty well sharpened. Finished with razor hone and promptly knicked my finger!

Lonell Williams
This is an outstanding value

Well built and razor sharp straight out of the box. I carry a knife everyday and this is one of the best quality blades I have ever owned. Beaver craft has nailed it. It is truly underpriced. They are practically giving these away for this price. Beautiful and comfortable walnut handles, perfectly balanced blade and a quality riveted leather case make this an exceptional value. Well done, I will be back to buy for friends and family. Thank you

Kenneth S.Kenneth S.
Best knife for the money

Knife came sharp right out of the box its definitely worth the money it's a stunning pice at first sight it's vary compact and portable for a bugout bag make a great survival knife it's Sturdy and will definitely hold a good edge worth every penny it's also vary lightweight

Darling Husband
Nice Knife for what you pay

Sheath doesn't hold the knife in place, blade not quite as sharp as I'd like. Good for the price.