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BW12 - Set of Basswood Carving Blocks 12pcs

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  • 6 pieces  – 2,5 cm х 2,5 cm х 15 cm (1.02″ х 1.02″ х 5.95″)
  • 4 pieces  – 2,5 cm х 2,5 cm х 10 cm  (1.02″ х 1.02″ х 4.01″)
  • 2 pieces  – 5 cm x 5 cm x 10 cm  (1.98″ х 1.98″ х 4.01″)

DIY wooden crafts are not only a unique decoration for any interior but also a useful and fun activity for people of all ages – children, teens, or adults. With a minimal set of tools and the right-selected wood, you can carve any piece of decor for your apartment, a new hand-made toy, or even a piece of furniture.

If you've decided to take up a new hobby inspired by the work of other expert woodcarvers and are looking for the perfect wooden blanks to suit all your aesthetic and practical requirements, try our BeaverCraft BW12 set of basswood carving blocks. With such carving blanks, you will enjoy your wood carving journey to the fullest.

The most important thing in successful woodcarving for beginners is that the work piece must be made of softwood. Wood such as basswood is much easier to carve using even the standard wood carving tools. Our basswood carving blocks are light, soft, and have a pleasant color shade. They are perfectly polished and will save your hands from splinters during work.

The BeaverCraft BW12 set includes 12 perfect wooden blanks in different shapes and sizes. This diversity will give you the chance to create various whittling projects in different styles and techniques, bring to life the most sophisticated wood carving ideas, and carve a whole series of small wooden figurines and sculptures.

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BW12 - Set of Basswood Carving Blocks 12pcs
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