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BW16 - Set of Basswood Carving Blocks 16pcs

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  • All pieces – 2,5 cm х 2,5 cm х 15 cm (1″ х 1″ х 6″)
  • Weight - 1.0 kg
Wood carving is one of the most enjoyable ways to express yourself. Regardless of what whittling projects you like to create, wood carving allows you to achieve two positive results. Firstly, the process of making wood carvings brings a lot of pleasure. And secondly, after you complete the creative process, you will become the owner of a one-of-a-kind handmade carving.

The BeaverCraft team helps you set up your wood carving process in the most convenient way, so you have only fun without worrying about the accompanying nuances. The perfect-quality wood for successful woodcarving is as fundamental as reliable whittling tools.

Our BeaverCraft BW16 set of basswood carving blocks is a one-stop solution for those who wish to get creative and realize themselves in the art of woodcarving. A 16-piece set of wooden blocks for carving is enough to open up complete freedom to your imagination and flight of fancy. All basswood wood blanks are free of knots and nicks. Due to the softness and smoothness of basswood, these blanks are easy to work with and decorate. With such a set of wooden blocks in your arsenal, you can complete numerous projects and recreate a lot of creative wood carving ideas.

Customer Reviews

Based on 87 reviews
Kindle Customer
Good Quality

Liked quality for the price.



Brenda Crum
Perfect for whittling

Great wood

Russell Walker
Hard Basswood

After writing a poor review of some Basswood that I received from Beavercraft, they were concerned enough to send me a replacement box. Carving with the Basswood in the replacement box is more like what I expect of Basswood. Working with Beavercraft was a pleasure and I would recommend them any day. It seems that my first review gave the impression that I was unhappy with Beavercraft, the company. That was never the case. Many thanks to Beavercraft for caring enough to make things right.

Jack Cowell
Softer than some of the others

Easy to work with

Great carving.

Bass wood , enough said

Michele Tanner
good tutorials

begging carvings

Good wood

Was good wood. Carved well.

works great

works great

This cuts me up

Best 1x1x6 basswood blocks I have ever carved, ok, only ones. A word of advice, Wear your PPE. Don't ask how I know

BW16 - Set of Basswood Carving Blocks 16pcs
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