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LS2P1 - Leather Strop for Polishing


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  • Length – 200 mm (7.87 inches)
  • Width – 75 mm (2.95 inches)
  • Thickness – 4-5 mm (0.16-0.2 inch)
  • Material – cowhide leather
  • Weight - 0.06 kg

Cutting tools sooner or later become dull, requiring timely sharpening and polishing. A simple but effective accessory like the BeaverCraft LS2P1 Leather Strop for honing and sharpening will make your wood carving process much easier and fun.

As you know, a good tool is half the battle. However, it remains of high quality and reliable as long as you maintain its condition and take good care of it in time. Cutting tools like wood carving and whittling knives require special attention and care. The working edge of the blade can wear out during the carving process, become dull and stop performing its functions. And instead, it can crumble or tear the wooden material and ruin your whittling project.

If your knife has lost its sharpness and needs to improve its cutting edge condition, the BeaverCraft LS2P1 will come to the rescue. It is much easier to keep the cutting edge sharp with a leather strop than re-sharpen a completely dull wood carving tool blade.

You can sharpen your wood carving knives just with one leather strop. But to get more effective results, you can use a green-grey polishing (stropping) compound. This polishing compound is blocky, hard, and has a crayon-like texture. Just apply it to leather or stropping block, and make your knives razor-sharp easily.

Customer Reviews

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Easy to use for my first time using a learher strop

The only thing that I dislike is the green compound it could be a little better, but then again, I don’t know much about leather strapping. It just takes a while for the compound to get into the leather. You really have to rub it in other than that it’s great. I got my knives razor-sharp within minutes.. thanks for your craft

Hunley Dufrene
Left razor sharp edges

Perfect for edge finishing knives

Stan C
Great quality at a great price

I have been looking for a leather strop that is not attached to a cheap piece of wood for a little while now and I think i found the perfect one. Very happy with the strop.

‼️ poliert Messerklingen so glatt, dass diese nicht mehr am Magnethalter haften bleiben ‼️

Der *BeaverCraft LS2P1 Lederriemen + (Polierpaste = eine Art Schleifwachs) funktionieren einwandfrei um seinen Küchenmesser das letzte Finnisch zu verpassen.Prinzipiell kann man das Lederstück direkt am Rand der Küchen-Arbeitsplatte positionieren und munter drauf loslegen. Sobald die Polierpaste mit ins Spiel kommt, ist der Widerstand der Klinge deutlich größer und das Leder rutscht, wenn es lose auf dem Tisch liegt.Wer also mit Polierpaste abziehen möchte, sollte das Leder vorher auf ein Holzklotz aufkleben-es funktioniert aber auch ohne Poliermittel 😉Nach dem ich meine Messer geschärft und auf diesem Leder abgezogen habe, waren alle Klingen Rasiermesser scharf. Dann bin ich auf die wahnwitzige Idee gekommen, Kratzer von einer Klingen auch noch weg zu polieren und das funktioniert ebenfalls sehr gut. Aber danach sind die Klingen so spiegelglatt wie Chromoberfläche und rutschen direkt vom Holz-Magnet Halter, wenn diese nicht Kopfüber befestigt werden.Was ich damit zum Ausdruck bringen möchte ist, dass dieses Set einwandfrei funktioniert und ich damit sehr zufrieden bin. Von mir gibts die vollen 5 Sterne und eine Kaufempfehlung.☆ ☆ Vielen Dank für das Lesen meiner Rezension, vielleicht konnte ich Ihnen etwas behilflich sein, um einen besseren Eindruck zu dem hier angebotenen Produkt zu erhalten ☆ ☆

Harry Knutz
My first strop,I might be

Learning how and why apply the compound,was my only hurdle,3 days later and there is'nt a dull knife in my house(lol) now I ordered the paddle version too,I am hooked on this whole world of stropping.5 STARS !!

JAM Watertree

Easily puts sharp edge on smaller knives (3-6”). After sharpening I used the strop per the instructions and it further sharpened the edge with just a few strokes. I’m too clumsy to use it on longer knives.

A piece of leather. What more can 1 ask for

Not much to say. A piece of leather and some fine compound. It does what it should.

Jasper Cook
Good Compound + Convenient Strop

I realize I could have used any old chunk of thick leather, but I didn't have some around, so this was a good option. The compound and the size of the strop are great, and this has made an enormous difference in the quality of blades I've sharpened. Even if you're using diamond stones, get a strop!

Great Strop

This is a REAL leather strop. Regardless of some other reviews you are getting a pure leather strop. The smooth side is the reason to buy this strop, it is done very nicely.I cut and adhered a piece of magnetic material to the bottom/rough side of this strop and then attached that onto my metal 8x3 strop base. Worked great like that. For my use the strop was loaded up with Gunny Juice 3micron diamond emulsion. This combo works well for burr removal and also puts a good shine on the steel.If you wanted to leave the rough side intact it would be very easy to cut a small piece of shelf liner out and place the strop on top. There would not be any sliding around then.I'm very satisfied with the product performance.

Never got itperfect

Haven’t gotten itessy to use and it works

LS2P1 - Leather Strop for Polishing
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