LS8P1 – Compact One-Sided Leather Paddle Strop & Polishing Compound

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Don't compromise on the sharpness of your tools – invest in the LS8P1 Compact One-Sided Leather Paddle Strop & Polishing Compound. Crafted for versatility, this strop will keep your wood carving tools, kitchen knives, camping essentials, and pocket blades sharp wherever your adventures take you.

This stropping paddle is designed for convenience and has a compact size that effortlessly fits into your work apron, backpack, tool bag, or kitchen drawer. Whether camping, fishing, backpacking, or crafting, it ensures you're always prepared.

Constructed with top-quality materials, the LS8P1 features a solid Ashwood base coated with linseed oil for durability and smoothness. The leather side provides an optimal surface for sharpening, accompanied by a green polishing compound for superior results.

With its ergonomic handle, the strop offers a comfortable and secure grip, making stropping effortless. Even if you're new to knife maintenance, this strop comes with a comprehensive guide for honing your blades with ease.

Say goodbye to dull blades and hello to effortless cutting with the LS8P1 – your go-to solution for keeping your blades in pristine cutting condition wherever you go.


  • Total length – 350 mm (13.78 inches)
  • Length of the working part – 220 mm (8.66 inches)
  • Working width – 25 mm (1 inches)
  • Base material – Ashwood
LS8P1 – Compact One-Sided Leather Paddle Strop & Polishing Compound

LS8P1 – Compact One-Sided Leather Paddle Strop & Polishing Compound


LS8P1 – Compact One-Sided Leather Paddle Strop & Polishing Compound


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Customer Reviews

Based on 62 reviews
Razor Strop

I like its portability, & compactness & it has great value...

Timothy Michael
Very important to learn to strop without cutting yourself

very useful, but everyday users have to learn how to be careful and avoid cutting yourself while stropping

Lyle B. MacBride
The suede side of the leather is used.

The suede side of the leather is used for the strop. It seemscto hold more compound that way and is easier to apply evenly. The strop surface is 1 inch wide by approximately 8 1/2 inches long. It works well for my kitchen knives, even the Sabatier 12 inch chef knife, as it is the same approximate length as my honing stones and steel. The strop is of good quality and works well with premium compound. (It came with a small bar of unlabled green compound, but I charged it with the premium compound because I am confident in its performance.) The price is reasonable and the size is perfect for my kitchen knives and I recommend it with the caveat that I did not use the provided stropping compound for tge above reason.

Wk outdoors
Nice strop

Nice strop. It's about 1 in wide so it doesn't have a large stropping surface. It does have the leather rough side up so it holds compound very well. Also comes with a small bar of compound. Works very well

Dan E.
Works as per advertised

It works as per advertised

Bruce Collins
Small size fits in toolbox

This one goes with me where is the larger one stays at home you can always find BeaverCraft quality in the Ukraine made tools

Mike Sears
Great for leverage

Should have got a wider one

preston bolen
Excellent quality and customer service!!!

Very high quality for the price. Mine came missing the compound, I contacted the company and they had me a bar on compound sent to me within 3 days! I Wouldn’t hesitate to buy again!

Kevin Dale Strickland
Great strop... excellent finishing step for your edge. Read for a better way to apply it

This is a nice strop and the compound is really great.To apply the compound. You can just use it like a crayon and rub it on the leather but it gets clumpy and uneven. I don't recommend this method.As an alternative, use the spine of your knife to shave off small bits of the compound in a bowl. Add oil. Any oil will work from kitchen oil to wd40. With your finger mash the two together until you have a paste. Rub the paste onto the leather. It will apply nice and even. Give it about a day. The leather will absorb the oil leaving only the nice smooth hone like finish. Hope this helps!

Great for touching up your edge

I use this strop daily almost because my work calls for a lot of cutting jobs. I use a Ontario Rat 2 with an AUS8 blade. AUS8 knives curl along their edges with even moderate use and this strop treated with a good compound makes my work knife serviceable in no time.