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NCT6 - Cut Resistant Adherent Wrap Tape for Wood Carving and Whittling

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Security Comes First:
  • Take care of your fingers with the self-adherent tape during working with sharp tools
  • Protect your hands from injuries, cuts, etc.
Working with sharp tools requires attention and preparation because even a minor mistake can bring a lot of trouble. So, if you want to work with cutting wood carving tools, you should use appropriate personal protective equipment, such as BeaverCraft NCT6 Cut Resistant Tape. Using this adhesive wrap tape, you can safely use your sharp tools and protect your hands and fingers from cuts and other injuries.

BeaverCraft NCT6 no-cut tape is a must-have essential for a beginner woodcarver. Its fundamental purpose is to protect the woodworker's hands from cuts with whittling knives, chisels, and other tools. The carver's fingers will remain protected because the tape fits snugly to the finger, and is firmly fixed thanks to the self-adhesive backing. The strong BeaverCraft NCT6 cut-resistant tape withstands even long-term wood carving, protecting the craftsman in the process.

The BeaverCraft no-cut tape protects your hands (fingers and nails) in the course of work. It is elastic in structure, easy to attach, soft and tight to the finger, without squeezing it. Such tape can be easily removed without leaving glue residue and does not create any inconvenience during the wood carving process.

Customer Reviews

Based on 69 reviews

Saves the fingers really works

Simple, easy, and effective way to prevent cuts

This is an easy buy for me, it seems trivial and “oh I can grab that at the drug store,” but honestly this is cheap and effective. I’ll support BeaverCraft forever, they’re an amazing company. I loved them before Russia invaded Ukraine and I support them even more, now that I know I’m supporting a Ukrainian owned and operated business. They’re quality and affordability on this and their carving tools and sharpening supplies are not matched by any other company I have seen. I do woodwork for a living, so I have seen and used many brands, but BeaverCraft will always be one that I continue to purchase from.

Worth any price not to cut myself when I'm woodworking!

Picked up the wood carving and whittling hobby from my youth, but just as I did back then, I kept cutting myself. This simple rubbery tape protects my fingers perfectly. They are reusable for a couple of times. Love them.

Consumer 12
Eslasy to use. Keep hands safe while carving

Carving protection

Donald Woods
Great tape very useful.

Love the way it feels on my fingers as well as my knife handle.

Easy to use

This is a must have. Easy to use when carving if you’re not wearing any cloves.


This is a light duty cut resistant tape that is easy to use and provides against extremely minor blade strikes, and is suitable for handling sharp edged items like knife spines, planer blade edges, chisel shoulders, and such.I would NOT trust this tape on its own foot puncture or cutting strikes, not even after a few layers. It is too thin and light duty for that.This is an excellent product for what it is intended to be used for, but not cut proof, not stab proof, not grinding proof, not punch proof, not hammer proof... just don't use it for this purpose and you will do fine!Here is a test for you to see if it works for your purpose...Wrap a fresh tomato or banana with one or two wraps and use this in place of your fingers to hold the item and intentionally make a mistake, like pull (sliding) the chisel or plane blade shoulder (not blade edge) against the tapped fruit and see if there are any cut in the tape that reach the skin.If there are cuts then you need more layers, or this product is too light duty for your use!..........The tape has a nice textured feel so what you're holding does not slip out as with other tapes that have a slick plastic feel.The tape appears to be based on sports tape and is applied the same way, and can be wrapped in layers if needed.

Kerry Tasler
Really nice to not cut my fingers

I carve wood and for some reason my left index finger loves to be stabbed, jabbed, and sliced. A couple of wraps of this cloth and it really protected my finger. I also put on my thumbs for when I am hand sanding walking sticks. This stuff keeps me from getting friction sore.

It works

Saved a few knife cuts while carving hard wood.

Corey H
I love this stuff...

To preface - I am a total newbie woodworker and whittler - this was the first set of tape I purchased because I didn't like the idea of wearing a whole glove.When I opened this box of tape, I felt like they had packaged so many rolls together because I was going to burn through this stuff fast. The first time I used it I wrapped my thumb and when finished I saved it like some sacred Scooby-doo band-aid for a 6-yo kid who never wants to take it off.After re-using that same wrap about 10 times I realized I still had a LOT of tape left. Now, many months later I think I've finally gone through my first roll. This stuff lasts... and it also works. More than once I've slipped on the cut and winced thinking I must have cut straight through the tape and am going to need a bandage to instead find the blue tape protected me just fine.Safety first - use tape, use a glove, use something.

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NCT6 - Cut Resistant Adherent Wrap Tape for Wood Carving and Whittling
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