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NCT6 - Cut Resistant Adherent Wrap Tape for Wood Carving and Whittling

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Security Comes First:
  • Take care of your fingers with the self-adherent tape during working with sharp tools
  • Protect your hands from injuries, cuts, etc.
Working with sharp tools requires attention and preparation because even a minor mistake can bring a lot of trouble. So, if you want to work with cutting wood carving tools, you should use appropriate personal protective equipment, such as BeaverCraft NCT6 Cut Resistant Tape. Using this adhesive wrap tape, you can safely use your sharp tools and protect your hands and fingers from cuts and other injuries.

BeaverCraft NCT6 no-cut tape is a must-have essential for a beginner woodcarver. Its fundamental purpose is to protect the woodworker's hands from cuts with whittling knives, chisels, and other tools. The carver's fingers will remain protected because the tape fits snugly to the finger, and is firmly fixed thanks to the self-adhesive backing. The strong BeaverCraft NCT6 cut-resistant tape withstands even long-term wood carving, protecting the craftsman in the process.

The BeaverCraft no-cut tape protects your hands (fingers and nails) in the course of work. It is elastic in structure, easy to attach, soft and tight to the finger, without squeezing it. Such tape can be easily removed without leaving glue residue and does not create any inconvenience during the wood carving process.
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NCT6 - Cut Resistant Adherent Wrap Tape for Wood Carving and Whittling
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