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P1 - Polishing Compound M7

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  • Used for polishing hard metals and alloys – stainless steel, hard alloys, cast iron.
  • The grain size is 7-5 micron
  • The weight is 20-25 grams
This green-grey polishing compound is used for polishing hard metals and alloys – stainless steel, hard alloys, cast iron. It is ideal for polishing of stones, glass and other nonmetals. The compound is aimed at finishing cutting tool parts and other elements that require high precision machining. This sharpening compound is perfect for polishing knife, sharpening knife, razors. The grain size of the M7 compound is 7-5 micron. The weight of one piece is 20-25 grams.

How to use green-gray polishing compound: The green-grey polishing compound is applied to the polishing sponge with a gentle touch on the circle during rotation. When polishing the item, press it slightly to the polishing pad. The green-gray polishing compound should be applied to the entire surface of the leather. When erasing and fading from leather, you should renew the layer of compound.

Also you can apply polishing compound on leather strop and polish blade of the knives, chisels, planers and razors.

Having a proper polishing compound certainly turns out to be greatly influential on the process of working with and the end result. Let your instruments become greater and shinier with the help of a polishing compound which suits them by metal type and the final purpose. And, of course, with great tools comes… great responsibility! Kudos to you if you got the reference. If not, then great results will come out of appropriately prepared carving instruments. Don’t neglect the importance of stropping, even though it might not be the greatest or most interesting part of a whittling hobby.

Polishing compound available in BeaverCraft’s stock

Our green-grey polishing compound won’t be the only one we have in production. However, they are different not only in colours, the tasks and metals they are the most appropriate for are not the same. The one presented here is going to be good on alloys and hard metals stropping - that’s why we recommend it fairly often compared to any other compound we have. 

Green-grey polishing compound for stropping

Everything that gets created by BeaverCraft here in Ukraine, which is the biggest country in Europe, aims to achieve the famous European level and class in all things, not excluding wood carving tools and the accessories for them, is made out of only the most optimal materials there are for toolmaking. So we guarantee that you will get the expected and needed level of the compound to ensure: your wood carving utensils become shiny as new.

How to use green-grey polishing compound

Having a polished and smooth surface is essential everywhere in carving, both tools and your projects. You probably know how important polishing is prior to applying finish on the carving - you always smoothen out the carved surface with sandpaper to make sure the finish lays evenly and your carving is nice and smooth. That’s how it is with carving tools as well - the smooth and polished cutting edge turns to a great quality whittled piece in the very end. So don’t forget to strop your tools responsibly and regularly to not make it harder on yourself by any means. Imagine that polishing compound is a piece of crayon or chalk you used to draw with. Cover the surface of the stropping tool you’re using - paddle, strop, wheel or any other surface you’re practicing with to sharpen tools - with a layer of compound as if you’re drawing on it with a green crayon. When the surface is evenly covered, you can grab the tools you wish to work on this day and sharpen them and smoothen out with it. The detailed instructions on stropping different kinds of knives you can find on our websites and in our tutorials on YouTube.

Customer Reviews

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Jean claude
Bon produit

Bon produit

Bon produit

S’effrite et se casse sans forcer ! Très déçuÉdit : le problème a été très vite résolu par le vendeur et tout est rentré dans l’ordre. Il me l’a remplacé rapidement et le nouveau produit fonctionne parfaitement.

Alles gut

Alles gut

Harry Knutz
It's polishing compound

I put it on my strop



Maria GivetsiMaria Givetsi
Soon became moldy

Stored in its carton box and in my tool case (in the house) it became moldy in a few months!Nevertheless as soon as Beaver Craft was informed of the incident they offered compensation.

helmuts Kindl
Beaver Craft P02

Habe mir dieBeaver Craft p02 Größer vorgestellt auch finde den Preis für dieses Teil zu hoch.

Dan Bradley
A replacement

Replacing what came with the strop, works well.

Good Product

It is a bigger stick than some so good value.It seems to be a finer grit than the one I had from another company as. That being said it being finer it applied much easier to my Strop. It does however take me a few mins longer to achieve the same edge but not much more.I would have no problem recommending this product.

MME JEAN Martine

tout a été parfait

P1 - Polishing Compound M7
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