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S15 - Starter Chip and Whittle Knife Set with Accessories


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  • This is a basic set for woodcarving
  • Comes with a leather strop and green-grey polishing compound
  • A canvas tool roll is included
  • Ready to use right out of the box
  • Weight - 0.03 kg

How many wood carving tools do you think you need to start your exciting wood carving journey? If you are a beginner and this is your new hobby, one BeaverCraft S15 Starter Chip and Whittle Knife Set will be enough.

This set has all the quality tools and essentials to bring your wood carving experience to the next level. There is no need to worry about buying all the necessary wood carving tools or whittling knives separately. Everything you need to start carving exclusive designs out of wood you can find in this versatile wood carving knife kit.

Using the BeaverCraft C6 chip carving knife with a short blade, you can create neat cuts and implement intricate wood carving patterns. Carving with a C16 big roughing knife with a rounded point, you can rough out material quickly and get maximum control over each cut. With the handy BeaverCraft C15 detail wood carving knife, you can create accurate and detailed patterns in your whittling projects (for example, cutting out small features such as eyes and hair).

BeaverCraft team does its best to make your wood carving experience smooth and easy. So, every S15 Whittling Wood Carving Kit has an easy-to-use leather strop and green-grey polishing compound to keep your wood carving tools in razor-sharp condition. A bonus canvas tool roll is designed to conveniently store your instruments and safely transport your wood carving knives when traveling.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 357 reviews
    Great Set, 1 Suggestion to improve

    Got this set on amazon and it is awesome. Fit my hands, holds the edge and strops very nicely. My only issue with any of them at all could be easily fixed. The blades are force fit in the handle in a round hole. An easy fix for this would epoxy or some other type of filler in the handle making the whole thing more secure. I don't have any concern about it coming out, but I have noticed that the blade has moved slightly from when I first got them. But over all, great knife set for the cost.

    Dear Jeff,

    Thank you for your feedback!
    We're thrilled to hear that you find our knife set awesome and that it fits your hands comfortably.
    We take customer feedback seriously, and we'll certainly consider this input for future product enhancements to ensure even better durability and longevity.

    Best knives Ever

    Just getting started in woodcarving and I have another brand of knife that frustrates me to no end, This carving kit is the only one anyone should ever consider for carving, I can't say enough about how much this set has changed my carving so far....

    Gute Schnitzwerkzeuge

    Ich habe noch nie geschnitzt und mir jetzt nach bisschen Recherche dieses Set für den Anfang zugelegt. Schöne, handlich Werkzeuge um eher weicheres bis mittelhartes Holz zu bearbeiten. Kommt in einem netten Täschchen mit einem Lederband mit Wachsstückchen zum Schärfen. Sogar 2 Pflaster waren netterweise mit dabei :DIch denke ich werde auch zukünftig von der Marke was bestellen.

    Genelda Bartling
    Great Product from a Great Company!

    Be careful these tools come sharp and ready to go to work. Great Quality, comfortable to hold and use and fantastic customer service and support. Also have a great social media presence to provide ideas and “how-tos” to get you started and keep you going. I will continue to purchase from BeaverCraft as new tools are released.

    Larry Wellman
    Great product

    They where ready to use knifes where sharp great product

    Shawn Armstrong
    These are quality items!!

    This company is making wonderful woodworking tools affordable! I will purchase from them again! Great quality!

    Walden Riverman
    Quality and a great starter/novice carving set

    I was lucky enough to win this carving set through a Beavercraft instagram give-a-way contest. They have been working great and I highly recommend Beavercraft products for all of your craving/whittling needs. Thanks! - Walden

    Perfect for beginners

    Quick disclaimer: I won this set from the company in a drawing.With that out of the way, these three knives are excellent. They’re made in Ukraine and I’ve owned few blades as excellent as these. The blades are sharp (I have a nice cut on my thumb from a small mishap) and sturdy and the handles are ergonomic and very easy to hold. They fit into your hands wonderfully and provide excellent grip from practically any angle.This kit comes with three blades a chipping blade and two detailing blades that are short and long, about a half inch and one inch or so in length, respectively. They’re also kind enough to provide a leather strop and sharpening compound, two bandages or so, and a gauze roll to wrap your fingers for when you’re using or sharpening your precious new tools.If you don’t know what a strop is and how to use it their YouTube channel has a quick video on how to use it. It’s very easy and there’s plenty of tips, tricks, and projects on there for beginners.As far as starter kits go for whittling, you’re hard pressed to do better than these. They’re a 6/5 from me.

    Mango DuenezMango Duenez
    Worth It

    I’m just starting out, very easy to manage. Stoked to see what else I can carve!Everything got to me shipshape.

    Janice Sue Moore
    S15 kit

    This is a great set for woodcarving. The different blade shapes really cover my needs in the carving that I do. The quality of the steel is great and holds an edge for a long time. I will recommend products from BeaverCraft for your carving needs. Now, check them out and see for yourself. I am considering trying some of the micro gouges for getting more detail in my carvings. Stay tuned!

    S15 - Starter Chip and Whittle Knife Set with Accessories
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