Left handed Spoon Carving Set

S38L - Spoon Carving Kit Wood Carving Tools with Leather Strop (Left handed)

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  • Perfect for carving rounded objects
  • A tool roll is included
  • The blades are made of high-quality carbon steel
  • Ergonomic handles will allow hours of comfortable woodworking

The most interesting do-it-yourself things are much simpler than it seems to inexperienced hand-made lovers. Wooden kitchen utensils (spoons, cups, and bowls) are chic, classic, and stylish. Self-made wooden spoons reflect the uniqueness of your taste, culture, and centuries-old traditions. Spoons carved from wood create a wonderful atmosphere and fill the interior of your home with comfort and particular style.

Making spoons at home is easy and fun. The main thing is to have the right high-quality wood carving tools. When choosing a good wood carving tool, left-handers face more problems than right-handers. To make it easier to find the perfect tools for your carving tasks, we have created our premium-quality spoon carving tools kit for left-handed people.
Becoming the owner of the BeaverCraft S38L Professional Spoon Carving Kit, you will discover great opportunities for creating interesting and beautiful whittling projects without difficulty.

Our mission is to improve our quality and provide top-tier woodworking tools to all wood carving enthusiasts and professional carvers at the most affordable prices.
In our superb S38L wood carving tools set, you will find a versatile whittling knife, spoon carving knife, and compact short bent gouge. But that is not all. The set comes with a simple design canvas tool roll for easy storage and transportation while traveling. It also includes a leather strop and a green-grey polishing compound to keep your tools in peak performance. Everything is done to bring you an enjoyable and rewarding wood carving experience.

Dimensions of the tools:
SK1L – Left Handed Spoon Carving Knife 25 mm
  • Total length – 155 mm (6.10 inches)
  • Rounding diameter – 25 mm (1 inch)
  • Handle length – 105 mm (4.13 inches)
  • Handle material – Ashwood
C1 – Small Whittling Knife
  • Total length – 165 mm (6.49 inches)
  • Blade length – 60 mm (2.36 inches)
  • Blade width – 15 mm (0.60 inches)
  • Handle length – 105 mm (4.13 inches)
K8a/14 – Compact short bent gouge. Sweep №8
  • Blade width – 14 mm (0.55 inches)
  • Total length – 192 mm (7.56 inches)
  • Blade length – 80 mm (3.15 inches)
  • Handle length – 115 mm (4.53 inches)
Left handed Spoon Carving Set

S38L - Spoon Carving Kit Wood Carving Tools with Leather Strop (Left handed)


S38L - Spoon Carving Kit Wood Carving Tools with Leather Strop (Left handed)


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Customer Reviews

Based on 37 reviews

Watch a YouTube video to understand how best to use these. I struggled at first but after watching a BeaverCraft spoon carving video, I was able to quickly make up four sets of large wooden spoons on Christmas Eve. IMPORTANT: get yourself some cheap carving gloves with this. You can’t replace fingers so protect them well.

Skooma Steve
Really good entry level kit

I found this kit to be an incredible value. Though, at the time of me writing this review the kit seems to be unavailable.

Need gloves!

After watching a few Youtube videos, I tried the set out and ended up whittling for 3 hours. In addition to this I also bought gloves for prepping food for $17 and I highly recommend that. I never whittled before and several times I did not realize I was holding the blade part with my palm. I also had a puncture wound when I lost control and the gloves did not completely save me. But no ER visit at 2am.I was kind of chuckling because some people said the blade wouldn’t cut at all…and I think they were using the wrong side. The blades work well and I was carving pine wood which is not as soft as basswood.For components, there is foam inside with cut outs for the pieces to protect the blade. I also like that the wooden box has a piece that bends because it’s been scored.Overall m, the set is good, but for my purposes I might need to add a different knife.

Teresa Gail Walker
Very very sharp!!

Fits good in the hands very good quality. I'm glad I got them.

Marie K
Great carving kit, great value.

The knives come sharpen and ready to do carving. Easy to hold.

Nice kit, missing instructions.

The kit is very nice! The box makes a very nice presentation, and the knives arrived VERY sharp. I appreciate the included spoon blank. I wish the pamphlet in the listing were included, however. I'll have to look up information elsewhere.

Pnina C.
Nice, basic quality

Looks nice in the box, but hard to take out of carton. There are no gloves or finger protectors, as you might assume from images, and there is no instructions guide, although product page says there is. All in all, nice.

Excellent quality. I am thinking about purchasing the larger set.

No dislike. Very fine set of carving knives. Excellent quality.

Athena G.
Nice but lacks booklet

I thought it came with a booklet about how to use it, but there wasn't one included.

john wilson
Good quality knives/ MUST STROP FOR BEST RESULTS

Knives are very easy to hold and comfortable. I'm new so I don't know how to do a lot of the more intricate cuts but they did a great job at rough cutting a rabbit and the spoon so far. Definitely worth the money.