Gouge Wood Carving Tools Set
Gouges for wood in set

SC01 – Gouge Wood Carving Tools Set

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Are you in love with woodcarving as much as we are? Want to implement your bold wood carving ideas? Want to make your holidays enjoyable? Our BeaverCraft SC01 wood carving gouge set will be your one-stop solution for all your carving needs.

This multifunctional wood carving kit consists of tools to help you solve your wood carving tasks more efficiently. It will provide you with 4 tools for various carving needs - shaping, smoothing, finishing, contouring, carving intricate designs, detailing, as well as sculpture carving, spoon carving, and relief carving. It also includes a leather strop and green polishing compound for sharpening your tools. The set comes in a handy rolling tool bag for secure tool storage.

By choosing the SC01 gouge chisel set, you choose quality, reliability, and safety, creating your unique whittling projects. It is not just a toolset but the best solution for your wood carving needs.

To create a successful wood carving project, you will need the right tool for the right task. If you are into carving and want to diversify your carving process, our gouge chisel set with sharpening accessories will become your perfect choice. 

What do you get?

  • K5/12 – Compact Wood Carving Gouge (Sweep #5): For rough removal of large material in flat wood (relief carving) and suitable for chip carving and intricate patterns.
  • K8a/14 – Compact Short Bent Carving Gouge (Sweep #8): For carving kuksas and spoons and scooping out wood.
  • K9/10 – Compact Wood Carving Gouge (Sweep #9): For detailed wood removal, pattern and texture creation, and chip carving.
  • K12/02 – Compact Wood Carving V-Tool (Sweep #12): For creating texture, detailing figures, carving grooves, and contouring.
Gouge Wood Carving Tools Set

SC01 – Gouge Wood Carving Tools Set

$67.00 $60.00

SC01 – Gouge Wood Carving Tools Set

$67.00 $60.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 70 reviews


Vorsicht Scharf

Qualität aus der Ukraine

Gute Werkzeuge, sind scharf

Gute Werkzeuge, sind scharf

A Sullivan
Great beginner set

Love the handles… easy to use.

J. Chad Davis
Great gauges

Nice collection for the price

Casey Richardson
Great looking tools

These tools look well made and I would recommend them.

Kerry Tasler
Nice little set

I have many carving tools but these are nice ones. I had to sharpen a bit but will stay in my collection.

Travis Ziegenhagel
Beautiful set

Beautiful set of chisels

Katherine T
Good value for beginners

The set was a bit smaller than I expected, but that worked out. I’ve tested them and half were ready to go and the other two just needed a quick strop before they went through the basswood like butter. I made quick work of a spoon, and got a bit overzealous and went through the bottom, but that was my fault.Will they be a set I use everyday for the rest of my life? Unlikely, but to test the waters with a decent set before making a substantial investment on a set that I do, these seem quite good.

Great tools for carving bark

Easy to use