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SH1 - Leather Sheath for Carving Knife


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  • Diameter – 30 mm. (1.18 inches)
  • Depth – 90 mm. (1.57 inch)
  • Material – cowhide leather
  • Colour – Brown

A great knife sheath from BeaverCraft is made of genuine brown leather, which is natural and quite durable. The sheath fits perfectly regular straight/sloyd/fixed blade knives, but please kindly note that it is made not for a spoon knife / hook knife. Comfortable in transit, all you need is just to put your knife in our leather case knife and go anywhere you want for woodcarving. For a fair price you a get knife sheath leather that will last for years. You must admit this is pretty important nowadays.

Our carving knife sheath fits perfectly any blade with the 3.5 in radius. Please check the dimensions of your knife blade to be sure that our knife sheath pouch will fit your knife. The blade length should be no longer than 3.5 inches. As for the handle size, the following dimensions work 1.2 in X 0.7 in. BeaverCraft knife sheath brown fits not only wood carving tools but other knives too, just make sure to check the dimensions before you buy. Stay safe and secure with the handmade knife sheath designed by BeaverCraft.

Any knife with leather sheath can ignite in you a feeling of being 10 times more stylish and professional. It’s a practical and safe way to improve your impressions and the general feeling of carving, not even mentioning the reasonable and responsible approach that you demonstrate by covering your knives’ blades with a leather sheath. Make a promise to yourself that those carving tools will live a long life, protected from outside damaging factors and safely hidden to prevent injuries.

Sheath details leather knife case:

  • Diameter – 30 mm. (1.18 inches)
  • Depth – 90 mm. (3.55 inch)
  • Material – cowhide leather
  • Colour – Brown

Knife with leather sheath - why?

Cowhide leather that’s been used for the protection cover in front of you is thick, durable and will protect your knives better than a lot of other options. It might not feel as important if you never take your tools somewhere with you and work only at home or your workshop, however, safety should always be your number one priority when it comes to working with sharp tools like the ones in carving hobby.

Leather knife sheath

It’s important to have your carving utensils safe and protected at all times, so don’t neglect this need and make sure your wood carving instruments are hidden safely with a leather knife sheath of great level that BeaverCraft offers. We feel responsible to some extent for your safe carving experience with our tools, so we never get tired of reminding you about the importance of sheathes.

How to make a leather sheath

There are countless options for do-it-yourself wood carving knife sheath making, however, for that you’ve got to be quite knowledgeable in order to understand what exactly should this handmade leather sheath (or not leather) cover, how it should protect the blades and what is better to use. What we offer here is a durable and strong protection for any of your knives (excluding hook ones) without having to bother yourself with extra time spent. It’s also quite a risk to trust yourself on this one - you might be successful and create quality sheath, but you can also be not entirely prepared and hurt yourself or somebody else as a result. There are a lot of advice pieces on carving forums on how to make a leather sheath in case you are set on doing it yourself.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
ron castellucci
Fair price

Great price for product

Great sheath for whittling knives

Great whittling knife sheath. Fits 90% of my various whittling knives. I’ve got over 100

Got a short knife? Stick it in this BeaverCraft sheath

Don't know anything about other BeaverCraft products, but this sheath is just perfect for a 3 -blade (7-inch overall) knife I have. My knife is actually a LionSteel lockback folder with olivewood handle that was too stiff opening and closing, so I turned it into a fixed blade knife by, and this is genius, leaving it locked open. With the knife snug in the sheath, about 1.25 inches of the handle sticks out. (By the way, this sheath also works well with smaller Opinel folders, like No.7 thru No. 9. I leave my Opinel No. 8 locked open in the sheath. The rounded Opinel handle wedges into the leather pocket of the sheath perfectly.) The seam stitching on this sheath is heavy-duty black thread and the leather is about 4mm or ~3/16 thick. It looks and feels stout. I'm not sure what sort of belt would fit in the plastic-lined belt loop because the little loop is pretty small, but a narrow, woven nylon strap, like those NATO watch bands, or some fancy paracord knot work might do the job. I find that the sheath with knife in fits comfortably in a deep cargo pants pocket. The knife is held in the sheath by friction, but it's not so snug that it's hard to draw and I'm sure the fit will become less snug the more I use the sheath. The exterior surface of the sheath is smooth and well-finished in a medium-brown color, and I think it would be easy to waterproof with Otter Wax or Sno-Seal, etc, but I'm not sure how much outdoors rough and tumble this sheath will handle. All I can say is that it really looks durable.

Kindle Customer
Nice little sheath for your sloyd knifes!

I got a flex cut. The sheaths fell apart on two of them. The beaver craft sheath is perfect for the flex cut sloyd knife! For that matter most sloyd knives fit it!

Excellent quality

I bought 3 of these knife sheaths for 6 inch long handmade knifes I made for grandkids and was impressed with the quality so I purchased two more. I have purchased many sheaths over the past years and for the price would rate these sheaths as an excellent value.


Great product, especially for the price. I bought it for my new ESEE Xancudo S35V. It fits great. The knife stays nice and snug inside the sheath.

Love it!

It works perfectly for my knife, looks exactly like the pictures, and the material is great! :))

This is my 2nd

Very good quality for the money. So good I bought a second. I put my little Old Hickory paring knife in it and its a good fit. I'm told this is a neck knife sheath. I could see that.

Great quality leather

Beautiful, great quality leather. Fits perfectly on the beaver craft carving knife I purchased on here.

lee baldwin

Perfect for all my Beaver craft knives only wish it had a belt loop

SH1 - Leather Sheath for Carving Knife
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