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SK1L - Left-Handed Spoon Carving Knife 25 mm

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  • Total length - 155 mm (6.10 inches)
  • Rounding diameter - 25 mm (1 inch)
  • Handle length - 105 mm (4.13 inches)
  • Handle material - Ashwood

The BeaverCraft SK1L spoon carving tool is a left handed hooked knife for carving spoons, bowls, kuksas, and round, deep holes in wood for other crafts. It is a universal model of hooked knife tool, essential for cutting holes in wood surfaces.

Due to the unusual curved (semicircular) shape, such a knife is very effective for various woodworking tasks, namely figured woodcarving. Using it, you can refine the form of a cup, spoon, bowl, and other products with a similar design. The BeaverCraft SK1L spoon carving knife is manufactured to the highest quality standards to ensure a smooth and fun woodcarving experience. Its use is easy and safe. With proper use, the tool will serve you for a long time.

Such a tool will become indispensable not only for carving spoons from wood but also for performing various other techniques in the art of wood carving related to cutting grooves in the wood. BeaverCraft SK1L spoon carving knife is, first of all, quality, reasonable price, ergonomic design, and reliability.


Working using left handed wood carving tools

Well, first of all, the bevel is adjusted so the instruments become easier to hold and use for left-handed people. They are supposed to be used as easily by you as the right-handed instruments are for right-handed people. Think of getting rid of all the discomfort you must experience while trying to adjust to instruments that are not meant for you to work comfortably. That’s disappointing and upsetting. We’d like to fix the situation for you, so, please, take a look at such a left-handed spoon carving knife. Let that instrument be in place if you all of a sudden crave to make a spoon, bowl, cup or any round element on your carving. Don’t miss out on a chance of carving comfortably and effortlessly such an amount of new elements and styles!

Hook knife carving instruments

All the products and goods that are made by BeaverCraft here in Ukraine (the biggest country of Europe, by the way) is meant to be and stay the face of the company that presents European class and level of goods that is usually expected by the customers anywhere in Europe and abroad. That’s why we keep it our number one goal to only have the greatest materials presented and implemented in any of our instruments to not disappoint you at any time. The razors are manufactured with the steel high-carbon compound which results in a tougher instrument able to work with hard and soft woods equally easily, is easier to strop and keep sharp because of its traits and is overall an optimal material for wood working tools. The shafts are light, made with wood and finished with oil for preservation and protection of the handle. Their shapes are well thought through and won’t bring you any unnecessary discomfort more than the one that you feel and not enjoy after whittling for a long period of time. Don’t forget to exercise your hands and stretch once in a while when you carve!

How to use a spoon carving knife

Hook knives for spoon carving will surely become a great tool to apply if your goal is to carve some kitchen utensils like cups, spoons or bowls. It’s a very practical instrument for any concave shape that you might want to decorate your carved project with. So the knife creates scoops which you decide to remove. Using it you’ll comfortably create the needed thickness and shape of a spoon ladle, bowl plate or a cup. All the useful tips, support and vivid instructions on how to use a spoon carving knife you can watch and explore in our YouTube tutorials.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Sound tool

Needed a ‘push knife’ for right handed scooping and spoon work. This is a solid, sound product that fits the need well. Would recommend it, without reservation. Sharpening is a bit of a chore, but that’s the nature of its form.

Bon produit

Nécessite un peu d’entraînement mais bon couteau pour la taille du bois

Tool works great as it should.

The tool works great.

Cuts real good

It does.

Gary Wood
you can use it left handed

just what I wanted. I'm a lefty!!

Great starter

Handle a bit on the thin side for grabbing. Easy to work with. A bit difficult to keep sharp. I guess I’m just no good at leather strapping it with the curve.


Coltello semplice e affilato per chi inizia, e arivato rovinato l'imballaggio e in ritardo ma mi hanno avvisato, il pezzo all'interno non aveva subito danni.

Thomas Bruley
Lefty gets a deal!

This is such a nice addition to my set. I'm a lefty so I was excited to see this to make spoons. Beaver craft is always at the top with wittling supplies nice product and flawless out of box. Very sharp and a great deal.

Hugh Yon
Great product, price value

Great product

Left handed

I gave it a 4 stare only because I had to sand the wood handle and sharpen it up but other than that it is wonderful to have a left-handed tool

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SK1L - Left-Handed Spoon Carving Knife 25 mm
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