Hook knife for spoon carving

SK2 – Spoon Carving Knife (30 mm)

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This SK2 Spoon Carving Knife is designed to cut out spoons, bowls, kuksas, and other products, or a rounded edge to add some detail to your whittling project. Its rounding diameter is 30 mm, perfect for small products. You can cut soft and hard wood with this hook knife.

The hook carving knife is an excellent U-shaped tool for making detailed cuts or rounding out bowls and spoons. The carbon steel blade of the carving knife is single-edged. You can cut with one hand atop the blade for enhanced control.

SK2 is an essential tool if you are passionate about spoon carving because by ordering it, the person gets the best hook knife for spoon carving. This compact spoon-whittling tool will make anybody feel good about themselves as they carve any concave-shaped project they desire. Its sharp blade will be of great use while you carve, and the wooden shaft that’s well thought through has a greatly pleasant design for a long carving time with it, so you won’t feel tired as fast as usual.


  • Total length – 170 mm (6.69 inches)
  • Rounding diameter – 30 mm (1.18 inch)
  • Handle length – 105 mm (4.13 inches)
  • Handle material – Ashwood

Hook Knife Materials

Everything that gets created by BeaverCraft here in Ukraine, which is the biggest country in Europe, aims to achieve the famous European quality in everything, including wood carving tools, is made out of only the most optimal materials there are for toolmaking. The handle, or shaft, of this hook knife, is made of light wood and the most ergonomic shape for carving that won’t exhaust your hands quickly and would allow you to work on your projects longer. It’s finished with natural oil to prevent cracking of the handle and preserve it longer.  The blade, or razor, of this SK2 hook knife spoon carving is made with high carbon steel, which holds the edge and cuts wood easily, much better than other options like stainless steel, for example. It’s easy to strop or sharpen, and the effect will last longer, so you won’t have to worry or get bored with the routine anymore. Of course, you still need to strop the tool if you want it to serve you better and longer.

Best Hook Knife for Spoon Carving

The best hooked carving knives are those that you feel comfortable working with, those that are easily sharpened, light, and pleasant to hold, and those that bring you the best results with the least effort made by yourself. So check out if the SK2 hook knife will become that easily best solution for you individually - it became for us!

Hooked Carving Knives as an Instrument Type

Hook knives are a great tool to use if you are up to carving some kitchen utensils like cups, spoons, or bowls. It’s also a very practical instrument for any concave shape that you want to decorate your carving with. So it creates scoops of wood that you want to remove. With it, you’ll comfortably create the needed thickness and shape of a spoon, ladle, bowl plate, or cup. More information about how to use a hook knife can be found in our YouTube tutorials.
Hook knife for spoon carving

SK2 – Spoon Carving Knife (30 mm)

$22.00 $15.00

SK2 – Spoon Carving Knife (30 mm)

$22.00 $15.00

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Customer Reviews

Based on 73 reviews
Chris Mex
Made a bowl

This product arrived on time and worked great. I made my first sauna dipper.

First spoon knife

Came very sharp and has beautiful look and feel

Very nice hook knife.

This knife is well built and sharp right out of the box. The Beavercraft people are very nice to do business with!

Nice quality spoon hook knife

Beavercraft produces and sells quality working wood carving tools at a reasonable price. This gouge is no different, it arrived sharp and fit my hand well. I will look at more of their products as needed.I think I may look for another model with a smaller radius.

Philip J Oczkowski
Got hooked on this knife!

Excellent price, sturdy and sharp. Circular shape great for carving spoons.

Benjamin Smith
Solid Product

A great hook knife. For the price you just can't beat the feel and usability of beavercraft. Keep doing what you guys do!

Cuts like butter

Great knife! Quality sharpness out of the box. A little big for most spoons but fantastic for cups bowls or larger items.

Matt NMatt N
I love this hook knife!

Wow this hook knife is amazing. Sharp as can be, straight out of the box. The handle is beefy, yet feels so comfortable in my hand. Cuts are smooth and consistent, perfect for bowl or spoon carving. Definitely, the type of quality I've come to expect and appreciate from Beavercraft, and a quality that far exceeds its affordable price. . I believe I have about 4 or 5 carving tools from Beavercraft and will definitely own more.

Philip TomlinsonPhilip Tomlinson
sharp, versatile tool

With a robust, highly polished, symmetrically curved blade and beautiful, solid, comfortable handle (oval in cross-section), my SK2 hook knife can help me carve wooden spoons, ladles, cups, kuksas, bowls, and many other items having a rounded concavity more than 1.5 inches in diameter.

Lenore Richmond
Perfect for what I need

Carving spoons