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How to Choose Whittling Knives for Beginners?

by BeaverCraft Team 04 May 2023 0 Comments

Geometric knives

In any craft, there are tools that are optional and those you can’t work without. If you are into wood design, beginner or professional, one basic tool you can’t really escape is a whittling knife.

Therefore, a whittling knife purchase is a very important decision for any wood carving workshop. So today I made a list of high-quality products you might want to consider before making your final choice. Let’s check them out!

The Whittling Knife

Perhaps because in whittling we also engage in transforming wood chunks into beautiful designs, people tend to confuse it with wood carving. In truth, while whittling only needs one type of tool, and that is a whittling knife, wood carving requires many more types of tools.

But in any case, there is no doubt – if you are up for some wood carving, you really need a good knife.

Good Whittling Knives: A Short Guide For Beginners

What do I mean by a “good whittling knife for beginners”? When choosing knives for their workshops, most of the experienced woodcarvers, including me, take into consideration the knife’s sharpness, comfortability, durability, and, of course, price. Regarding the price, items in this selection are generally affordable, and additionally, they are currently at a discount, all around $16.95. So just be sure to count in the delivery costs, and you’re getting a great tool for a very reasonable price.

Sometimes, young people who come to my workshops are worried about the fact that they are left handed – will the knives be suitable for them as well? Luckily, the whittling knives, as the majority of woodcarving tools, are suitable for any dominant hand, so no worries about that.

Best Whittling Knife Kits for Beginners in 2023

Today I want to focus on some nice and simple products, which you might want to have in your hands if you are only starting your woodcarving practice. Of course, if you are an experienced carver and you just wanted to check out options for refreshing your tools collection, be my guest! As always, I am more than willing to share my impressions with anyone interested, regardless of the skill level.

BeaverCraft C7 – Small Detail Wood Carving Knife

This simple tool will be useful for so many activities: whittling, carving, woodwork, handicrafts – you name it. The blade is very strong and durable and will slide through the hardest of woods with ease. The handle is made of fine ashwood, and the small but sharp blade is perfect for detailed chiseling of your woodwork.

Also, what is quite important, due to its design and being scaled-down, it is also suitable for shaping hollow areas.

Check it out here: C7 – Small Detail Wood Carving

BeaverCraft C17P – Universal Detail Pro Knife (Palm Handle)

This piece of tool is especially convenient for working out hollow designs. It’s because the special shape of its elongated and curved blade is designed to access rounded areas easily. The handle is very nice, as it is made of palmwood, and comes with a special shape that reduces hand fatigue.

On the other hand, the steel blade is high-carbon, which means it is very strong and you won’t need to sharpen it too often. It is suitable for cutting both hard and soft wood. The price is the same as the previous one.

All in all, a beautiful piece of tool for both beginners and professionals. For more details, check this link: C17P – Universal Detail

BeaverCraft C16 – Big Roughing Knife 

This simple knife is made for discharging larger pieces of wood. The one-sided, wide blade as well as the handle made of firm ashwood, speak in favor of a strong and stable whittling knife. The blade is very sharp and works in all types of wood.

Nice and simple, there is no mistake with this one. For more details, see: C16 – Big Roughing Knife

BeaverCraft C6 – Chip Carving Knife


You will recognize the chip carving knife by a short, bent blade. Perfect for creating peculiar shapes, such as triangles, squares, letters, and similar. Its blade is strong and will stay sharp for quite a long time. Besides, the ergonomic design of the ashwood handle is there to reduce fatigue after long hours of carving.

Find additional details and order here: C6 – Chip Carving Knife

To Sum Up

Behind every successful woodcarver, there is a good whittling knife. It is absolutely a must-have in our specialty. And since there are so many types of knives and brands on the markets, it can sometimes be hard to pick the best one. For that reason, in the woodcarving community, we like to share opinions and impressions about our tools. However, remember, practice is the best teacher. You have to take it in your hand and start cutting and figure out which one works best for the shapes and designs you want to make.

Check out more knives for whittling!

How to Choose Whittling Knives for Beginners FAQ

What should I look for in a whittling knife as a beginner?

As a beginner, it's important to look for a whittling knife with a comfortable handle that fits your hand well, a blade that is sharp and durable, and a blade shape that is suitable for the type of carving you want to do. You may also want to consider the length of the blade and the overall weight of the knife.

What types of blade shapes are available for whittling knives?

Whittling knives come in various blade shapes, including straight blades, curved blades, hook blades, and detail blades. Each blade shape is designed for different types of carving, so it's important to choose one that matches your carving needs.

Should I choose a fixed blade or a folding blade whittling knife?

Both fixed blade and folding blade whittling knives have their own advantages and disadvantages. Fixed blade knives are generally more durable and reliable, while folding knives are more convenient for carrying and storage. Ultimately, the choice depends on your personal preference and intended use.

What are some safety tips for using a whittling knife?

Some safety tips for using a whittling knife include using a sharp knife (as dull knives are more prone to slipping and causing accidents), keeping your fingers and other body parts away from the blade while carving, using a cutting board or work surface to protect your hands, and always carving away from your body instead of towards it. It's also important to wear appropriate protective gear, such as cut-resistant gloves, when working with sharp knives.



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