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The List of Wood Carving Tools Your Toolkit Should Have


Tools that you need to work with wood

Wood carving is a great way to express yourself. And most importantly, it’s so easy to get started with. All it takes is your desire to create, a little effort, and the right wood carving tools.

A few well-chosen wood carving tools make carving easier. They can give you the freedom to bring all your artistic vision to life. Of course, you can start the craft and work with wood using just one whittling knife. But if you want to improve and develop your skills, it would be nice to replenish your arsenal of tools and boldly take on new DIY projects.

It does not mean that you will need to equip an entire workshop. You can constantly choose and change tools for wood carving, but there is a basic set of tools that any beginner carver will need starting this journey.

A bunch of carving tools

Choosing Essential Carving Tools for Beginners

If you visit a workshop of a professional wood carver, you will be amazed at how many different tools they use. Choosing the right carving tool largely determines the quality of future wood carving projects.

Beginners do not need to buy all the tools that the modern woodworking tool market has to offer. A few general-purpose wood carving knives and tools for entry-level carvers may suffice. With them, you can practice and develop your style. Of course, you can add more wood carving tools to your toolkit, but it’s better to do as your experience grows.

Right wood carving tools

Follow this simple guide to essential tools you’ll most likely be using as a novice wood carver, so you can know what to purchase for your tool arsenal.


Wood carving gouge is a woodworking tool used for carving wood. Its design is similar to a chisel but has a curved cutting edge. Joiners, carpenters, and wood carvers use gouges to form grooves, holes, and recesses without corners, as well as for other carving tasks.

If you love to carve spoons or want to create new whittling projects that require precise grooves or trenches, BeaverCraft wood carving gouges will help you easily get smooth results in this creative activity. These curved tools are designed for creating concave surfaces in a wide variety of woodworking projects.

Kinds of wood carving gouges

They work great with most woods to create a textured surface with various curves and deep hollows. Using wood carving gouges by BeaverCraft, you can make kuksas, bowls, and spoons of any design. Every gouge we manufacture will help you recreate various patterns and ornaments into the wood.

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Palm Chisels

Not every DIY enthusiast is familiar with the phenomenon of palm chisels. A beginner carver may be surprised looking at this tool and thinking, "how this tool is different from a regular chisel?" But master carvers know the difference.

BeaverCraft palm chisels are sharp, durable, and reliable tools with a semi-circular wooden handle for a comfortable palm grip. The cutting edge can be of various shapes (straight rounded, straight flat or straight V-profile) to perform multiple wood carving operations.

What is palm chisel

Modern palm tools by BeaverCraft are compact cutters that are convenient to work with when carving small elements and removing excess wood quickly. They embody the optimal combination of 3 important features: maneuverability, a razor-sharp blade, and an ergonomic handle. On the lower edge of the handle, a fragment is cut off. It helps keep the tool at a low angle to the wood surface, making precise and delicate cuts.

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Sloyd Knives

If you've been looking for an excellent all-around general knife for your woodworking hobby, sloyd knives are an absolute must-have for your tool collection. They have a thicker blade with a pointy thin tip that works perfectly to remove large pieces of wood and goes well for carving fine details.

The sloyd knife by BeaverCraft is a handy and practical tool lovingly designed for wide carving needs. It is a very useful and effective tool if you are into whittling, spoon carving or can’t live without bushcraft or green woodworking.

What for are sloyd knives suitable

Our sloyd knives are suitable for rough shaping of various wood figurines, sculptures, kitchen utensils like spoons and kuksa, and other woodworking projects. Thanks to premium-quality materials for manufacturing, this handy and versatile knife can cut all types of wood – both soft and hard. The handles provide a comfortable grip allowing you to work on projects for a long time without feeling tired.

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Wood Carving Chisels

Choosing a woodcarving style and tool for a beginner is a matter of trial and error. Indeed, to find something specific for your goals, you need to test – touch and feel at least a few options.

If you have mastered essential whittling knives, you may want to try some wood carving chisels. Structurally, a chisel consists of two parts – a blade with a cutting edge and a handle. The tool’s features depend on the shape of the cutting edge of the blade.

There are various flat and half-rounded chisels; some have a V-profile, or U-profile cutting edge. The form of the blade entirely affects the final result of wood work done.

Carving chisels general explanation

The BeaverCraft range of tools includes various chisel models to cover your woodcarving needs. For example, you can use flat ones for roughing a piece of wood, half-circle chisels – for cutting round grooves, V-shaped chisels are great for carving thin grooves in the wood, and U-shaped chisels (or U-gouge) will glide trenches through your workpiece like no other.

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We understand that each position is interesting in its own way, and the choice is difficult. Therefore, if you do not want to choose, you will appreciate a basic wood carving tool set with everything you need to learn this craft.

Carving skill level

But if the desire to get started in learning a wood carving skill is strong, but you do not know what tools you may need, complete DIY hobby kits from BeaverCraft will be your ultimate solution.

High quality tools for wood carving

Whether you want to diversify your skills or upgrade your arsenal of wood carving tools, BeaverCraft is here to help. Our handcrafted wood carving knives and tools are of the highest quality, durable, and reasonably priced.


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