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What is Comfort Bird?


how to make wooden bird

Have you ever heard about comfort bird? Those lovely birdies bring comfort to people who are anxious or have been through trauma, who are in physical pain or may be grieving a loss, who need some help, hug & talk.

Wood Gives Warm Feelings while Comfort Bird tells a story. A person in pain can hold the Comfort Bird for a minute & feel calmed. The moment of grief needs a bird to fly in your hand!

When life is in high-speed pace with no sign for changes, when you wake up, go to work and then go home and sleep, when you need something to relax, but can't afford musical concerts and you can't hang out with friends 'cause they are into some other stuff, then it's time to find a HOBBY!


Basically with only one whittling KNIFE, some WOOD & video TUTORIAL, just in ONE DAY, you are to get a LOVELY BIRD that will COMFORT you & your friends + relatives.

What does our whittling kit include?
⚡️ 2 cherry wood carving blocks
⚡️ super sharp wood carving knife
⚡️ properly sized birdie cut-out
⚡️ cut resistant tape
⚡️ premium quality leather strop kit + sandpapers
⚡️ Tutorials

So many tools just in one wood carving kit!

carving kit for toddlers
The main thing is that YOU DIY - Do It Yourself just in ONE day!

Razor sharp whittling knife is cutting wood like butter, cherry wood carving blocks are properly sized for the birdie, all sharpening supplies & books in the woodcraft set are made for you to follow a few steps & enjoy the Steven Hawkings Flight! Beaver is always helping you on the way to a masterpiece. We stand by our wood carving tools quality! All our whittling tools are made of durable materials! We made sure to guide you through all the steps of the DIY project! You buy not just a beginner wood whittling kit but the whole wood hobby!

You'd be crazy not to try our wood starter kit!

Buy Now! Click the orange «Add to Cart» & start your journey in the world of magic with the DIY wood crafts kit!

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