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Chris Pye’s Video with BeaverCraft Tools on Knives Basics& Sharpening


knife C15 dimensions

We are honored to get our tools featured in one of the latest videos by Chris Pye.

Who is Chris Pye?

Chris is a talented wood carver, profound writer, teacher and co-founder of Woodcarving Workshops TV

«I love carving; for me it's a sort of joy: the dance of steel and wood, the slice of the cutting edge, the sounds and smells. I'm passionate about the survival of fine woodcarving and woodcarving skills, and passing them on to future generations. It drives my teaching and writing about this wonderful craft.»

Chris Pye

Chris Pye's Books and Videos

In wood carving workshops tv you can learn to carve. The same you can do from Chris Pye's Books. For example, we enjoyed a lot his «Beginner's Guide to Traditional Carving» sold on Amazon.

Wood carving brings a lot of «music» into our life. This way we enjoy every moment and create new things out wood, in other words, we work out magic out of wood. 

But of course, in order to enjoy carving wood, you should know how to take care of your wood carving knives set. This is why we posted several tutorials on stropping on our Youtube channel. And covered some leather stropping basics in our recent article.

In today's article, we're happy to share with you a video by Chris Pye on some knives use basics as well as sharpening and stropping.

Whittling Knives you saw in the video are the following:

bench knife C15
geometric knife C6

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