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Suitable Whittling Projects for Beginners – Everyone Will Succeed!

by BeaverCraft Team 08 Jun 2021 0 Comments

mini knife for wood

You can easily get inspired fast by something that you see online or at your friend’s house but sometimes it’s not so easy to replicate once you are in your own workshop trying to figure out how that thing looked. For that exact purpose artistic people created patterns - things you can use for marking outlines on your work surface or follow to make sure you haven’t forgotten any details on it. Patterns are extremely important for novices in the whittling hobby since you are still learning and need some instructions and guidance to use. That’s why BeaverCraft has thought we could contribute to that a little and share some whittling projects easy - even for beginners. They are all packed together in our free newsletter that you can subscribe to if you desire to receive more than 50 whittling projects pdf on different topics and suitable for all levels of skill.

What are the most suitable
whittling projects for beginners?

There are a lot of options out there that you can choose from when you are in search of inspiration for a newbie. Many people prefer starting with something like wood spirits: these patterns allow you to both learn the general outlining and carving as well as getting the details on the wood to make your spirit look alive and with some character. However, if you don’t like the look of the patterns or are afraid to choose something that requires a lot of details, you may choose any animal figurine to carve out, some spoons, celtic decors and so on. Beginner carvers mostly adore love spoons as a project to dwell and improve on since it is a beautiful gift, a practical thing to create and can be changed with the course of time as you improve your talent and are able to add on more details and lines on the spoon. You may select a couple of whittling projects for beginners and go further from that.

patterns for wood

Where do I download
whittling projects pdf?

Well, what we’ve got on offer is very easy to figure out and download. Our 50+ whittling projects pdf free can be downloaded simply by subscribing to the newsletter BeaverCraft created for the community. When you subscribe, you’ll receive those patterns on your e-mail address and won’t have any difficulties with downloading and using any of them. Subscribed, you’ll have the access to patterns that we’ve already created and shared on our YouTube channel (check it out if you are interested in some step-by-step tutorial videos on carving various patterns) so not only you get the design to follow, but you also gain the opportunity to watch our tutorials on working with them - isn’t that a great option for learning?

Easy whittling projects pdf - how to use?

There are a couple of ways to use patterns pdf when you get them. The easiest is to print one out, glue it to the wood and carve like that. No need for drawing or experimenting, great option for someone who is doing their first projects or isn’t certain in their drawing talent. You can also draw the pattern which you chose onto the wood itself using pencils - you won’t waste any paper on that and will improve your drawing skill (or maybe you are already a skilled artist in need for some additional inspiration to catch).  Subscribe to that free newsletter, receive our whittling projects for scouts (who told you scouts can’t whittle?)  and get cracking - or, rather, let your wood crack as you carve it!

geometric carving
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