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6 Types of Wood Carving Chisels You Should Have

by Roman Law 02 Dec 2022 0 Comments

How to choose chisel


What Is a Chisel, and What Is It Used For?

Oh, chisels! They are essential cutting tools widely used not only in woodcarving, carpentry, and joinery but also construction, masonry, and other fields. You can use chisels to work with stone, concrete, wood, and metals.

A woodworking chisel (or simply wood chisel) is a tool all woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts use to carve, cut, pare, chip away, and shape wood. It is a fundamental hand tool for many purposes that can significantly boost your woodworking skills. It makes it one of the most versatile and must-have tools in any woodcarver's toolbox.

Chisel explanation

Types of Wood Chisels that Will Boost Your Carving Skills

Different types of chisels can cope with every woodworking task you can imagine. A small set of basic woodworking chisels is a must if you want to discover new tools, try new techniques, or improve your skills.

The number of wood carving chisels is so big that it can be difficult for a beginner to choose. They all differ in size, blade shapes, and functions. You can use chisels to carve flat, round, curved, or concave designs in wood.

Chisel types

So, let's take a closer look at these six types of chisels you can use to complete your set of woodworking tools:

Straight Flat Chisels

This chisel type is commonly used to smooth the wood surface, create details and give your project a neat, professional finish. A great option would be our K1/10 - Compact straight flat chisel.

Straight chisels

Half-Round Chisels

Such tools are great for shaving, shaping, and working over corners where a simple knife or a flat chisel can't reach. We invite you to take a look at K5/12 - Compact straight rounded chisel>.

Chisels half round shape

V-Shape Chisels

These chisels will become indispensable for outlining, carving grooves, letter carving, and small-scale detailing. An indispensable assistant will be K12 / 02 - Compact straight V-profile chisel.

v shaped chisels

Bent Curved Chisels

If you are looking for perfect tools for spoon carving and scooping out wood, look no further. Bent curved wood chisels will cope with any task like that. Carve your first wooden spoon with our K8a/14 - Compact short bent gouge.

Chisels curved bent

Compact Mini Wood Chisels

These are chisels of various blade shapes but smaller, designed for more maneuverability and intricate woodworking. A miniature version of a full-sized chisel is widely used for fine carving soft materials.

Small chisels

Palm Chisels

You definitely need to try these chisels if you haven't yet. Their handles are designed to fit comfortably in the palm, allowing for good, controlled cuts. Such chisels are presented in various blade shapes and can perfectly perform in most carving techniques. We invite you to take a look at the palm chisels line from BeaverCraft

All about palm chisels

Where to Buy Wood Carving Chisels and How to Find a High-Quality Tool?

The quality and reliability of a hand tool for a woodcarver is a priority. When choosing wood carving chisels on the market, the emphasis should always be on product quality, reliability, and durability.

chisels where to buy

The process of searching for a proper instrument is a rather complex and even time-consuming task. You must consider many factors and aspects to buying a high-quality chisel or other wood carving tool. So, choose a trusted and reliable tools store if you care about your wood carving quality. Make it a rule always to check the information about the place where you are going to shop:

  • Carefully read the information about the store and the tool you want to buy;
  • Make sure that the fields of application and features of a particular chisel will suit your needs;
  • Watch video reviews of the instrument you purchase;
  • Read product reviews from real customers;
  • Check out the terms of the guarantee.

If you want to be sure about the safety of wood carving, it is better to buy chisels only from a store you trust. BeaverCraft is a reliable and proven tools store of high-end wood carving instruments, tool sets, DIY kits, and accessories crafted by professionals. All our products are manufactured from the finest materials and undergo strict quality control at all stages of production.

Why Do You Need a Chisel for Wood Carving, and What Is Its Main Purpose?

There are several dozen forms of chisels, which differ in size, width, and bend of the cutting blade, handle lengths, and purposes. So you can't do without at least one of them in your workshop.

Chisels what for

Chisels can accomplish most woodworking tasks. For example, you can use them to:

  • Shave off excess wood, cut mortises, and chop out corners.
  • Create nice and smooth rounded or concave carving designs.
  • Make various shallow and deep grooves (you can carve them close or far apart and make them different depths and lengths).
  • Round off the corners of a wooden workpiece.
  • By pressing down on the straight chisel at a slight angle, you can achieve a texture with narrow but long triangular grooves.
  • Create a textured surface with various curves and deep hollows.

The creative process of wood carving can captivate anyone – men and women of all ages and even kids. And as your skills and experience grow, you will have more and more favorite wood carving tools, and among them, there will definitely be several types of chisels.

Whether you need to carve a small DIY project with your kids or create a big carving with intricate design, BeaverCraft has a wide range of top-quality woodworking chisels and other tools at the best price.

Wood Carving Chisels FAQ

What types of wood carving chisels are recommended for beginners?

If you're new to wood carving, it's a good idea to start with a few fundamental chisels. The essential types include straight gouges, which are versatile and used for carving straight lines, removing material, and creating shallow curves. V-parting tools are essential for detail work and precise lines, while chisel gouges with flat ends are perfect for smoothing surfaces and quickly removing larger areas of wood.

Which wood carving chisels are best for intricate and detailed carving work?

When you need precision and control for intricate and detailed carving, consider using chisels like veiner chisels with narrow, U-shaped blades for fine details and delicate lines. Spoon gouges, with their rounded, spoon-like shape, are ideal for hollowing out concave shapes and creating intricate, curved designs. Skew chisels, featuring flat, angled blades, are great for clean, precise cuts and detailed patterns.

Can the same wood carving chisels be used for different types of wood?

While it's possible to use the same chisels for various wood types, it's important to consider factors like wood hardness and chisel sharpness. Softer woods like pine or cedar may require less effort, while harder woods like oak or cherry demand sharper chisels. Regularly sharpening and maintaining your chisels will ensure they perform effectively across different wood types.



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