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What is Good about Wood Carving Kits from BeaverCraft?

by Roman Law 13 Sep 2021 0 Comments

Kits by BeaverCraft

How Do We Make Wood Carving Kits?

When you buy tools for long-term use, you prefer knowing how they are made of and with which materials. The knowledge helps you understand if those instruments fit your needs and how well they will serve you. We’ve realized we’ve never described the process in detail, so here it is. BeaverCraft is happy to share if you are curious. Find out how each wood carving kit is made!

Blades in Carving Kits

For the blades we use high carbon steel that’s hardened with a temperature higher than 800°C. We have our own technology for tempering steel that is 57-59 by Rockwell whereas other instruments mostly handle 55-57. It allows the instrument’s cutting edge to live longer and be more resistant to damage. This type of steel is easy to sharpen and hone – it doesn’t require you to have costly sharpening accessories, it can be worked on even with sandpaper. Many manufacturers do zonal tempering but we prefer an equal approach for the whole thickness of the blade.

Blades by Beaver

Handles in Carving Kits

The handles are always wooden for a number of reasons. They don’t get as slippery as plastic ones, for instance, they are made of a type of hardwood that isn’t easily damaged by humidity so it’ll keep the shape of the handle. Wood is a renewable resource and we don’t use any rare types of trees for this, trying to stay eco-friendly as much as we can. BeaverCraft is against toxins, so instruments’ shafts are made naturally, covered with linseed oil that is not harmful and can be used with food products as well.

Hand Size

Before the shafts are made, we always adjust them for different hand sizes, test them and adjust again to find the most optimal ergonomic shape to not exhaust a carver’s hands more than needed. The handle is designed to be ambidextrous so you can use tools comfortably with both dominant hands. Shafts are left a little rough, not perfectly smooth, to reduce possible slipperiness.

Whittling wooden block

Three Levels Of Testing

Our tools are meant for long use. In the final stage, they have 3 levels of testing. First of all, they are tested by the employee that sharpened them manually. After that instruments are put to the quality control department that checks them on defects of tempering. Then they check how proper the hardening is. And only after that instruments are sorted, each to its own wood carving kit, and packaged for delivery from Europe’s biggest country, Ukraine, where we are located.

Wide Assortment

We don’t manufacture solely tool sets. BeaverCraft’s range differs from separate instruments and sets of them to basswood blocks sets and great beginner kits that include every single thing needed for a successful project from start to finish. You are able to choose up to your preferences and requirements.

Completed Starter Kits


Take a look at the four amazing all-in beginner kits that we have in stock now: DIY01, DIY02, DIY03, and DIY04. The names aren’t surprising, are they? These are sets that let you create a Comfort Bird, a Dala horse, a Wizard and a Love spoon accordingly. They all include the materials that will be needed to begin and finish the project fully. The Dala Horse set even includes paints, so it will be a very nice carving to take up with your kids as the first learning experience. Choose a wood carving kit up to your liking and turn a blank piece of wood into a living project with a piece of your soul in it:

Various knives

Various knives

Basswood Blocks

As mentioned before, we also have basswood block sets in stock. We figured: not everyone wants a full kit, so it’s important to refill the stock every now and then so you can always have access to something to carve on. So here, as examples, we’ll show you two basswood blocks kits: BW10 and BW12. The numbers are the number of blocks included: 10 and 12.

Each wood carving kit contains blocks of different sizes – not a random assortment, but exact measurements. BW10 has 8 smaller blocks and 2 bigger ones whereas BW12 has 3 different sizes of blocks.


Since our focus is mostly to share tricks with beginners and make sure they find it easy and relaxing to take up carving, for now, we carve only with basswood. It’s the softest and safest option to begin your way in carving. It’s easy to whittle, doesn’t resist much, and is pretty flexible to turn into whatever you want it to be. This is why our wood carving kit and supplies options are the only basswood for now. Make sure you don’t run out of wood to experiment with, take a look at these kits:

Basswood blocks

A few examples of wood carving kits that you might be interested in

And, finally, since we were brought here by the tools, it only makes sense to include them and show off a couple of sets that we are proud of and happy to share. Every wood carving kit that we design is very well thought through and created in the hopes of assisting with an introduction to carving or any part of it, really. And the three sets that we’ll look into now are made to help with both general and particular style approaches of carving: they are S13, S14 and S15.



Each of these includes three knives. S13 also has a canvas pouch to keep your tools in and a small stropping accessories kit so you don’t have to worry about anything additional to make your instruments sharp. It’s meant as a spoon carving kit with a hook knife for creating a proper ladle, a sloyd knife for general shaping of the handle, and a chip carving instrument to add beautiful decorations and details. You can use the tools separately for other projects or experiment with a lot of different ways to carve, such as creating bowls, kuksas and so on.

carving with hook knife

S14 is more suited for deep projects wood carving kit, so perfect for bowls and kuksas mentioned above. It has a sloyd knife, a hook one and a long bent gouge that’s great for deep scoops to create a bowl. This kit doesn’t include a pouch or stropping accessories, but if you already have those and are thinking of taking up beautiful kitchen utensil carving projects, this would be a good one for you.

Spoon and gouge

S15 is the most general of them all. It has a sloyd, a chip carving and a roughing knife so it can become a basis for creating any carving and any project. It also has a pouch and a stropping kit to keep you whittling at all times, so it can be your first step in the direction of a carving hobby. This wood carving kit covers a great range of needs that may come up for a carver, so don’t miss out on a chance of solving them all at once:

Small wooden figurines

We hope that you have more confidence and trust in us now that you have insight into how we manufacture the products that so many people love and enjoy. Every wood carving kit, tool, strop, and the pouch is something that we love dearly and constantly improve for your better experience and enjoyment. BeaverCraft is always ready to answer any questions and help out, so don’t hesitate to contact us on social media. Wood Carving Kits from BeaverCraft — Your Way to Relax! Try out these tools and kits and you’ll fall in love with them as much as we did!



Roman Law

Wood carving guru

From a childhood enchanted by nature, my passion for wood carving guided me on a path of creativity. With a pocket knife, I uncovered the transformative power of my hands, breathing life into driftwood and forging a lifelong connection with the medium.
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