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How to Make a Wooden Spoon


Making a spoon using the woodcarving method may seem like a long task, but there is still room for creativity in it. Freshly minted carvers carve a wooden spoon in all schools and wood carving studios. It is an entry-level sculpting work, an excellent trainer for developing skills in carving symmetrical shapes and developing a sense of form.

Small wooden spoon

Spoon craft is not forgotten, and many talented wood carvers are making wonderful wooden spoons. Some of these masters create incredible masterpieces of carving art.

What is a love spoon? What is its purpose?

Men have always confessed their love to women – 10, 100, and even 1000 years ago. Some wrote poetry, some gave flowers, and some confessed their love using gold. But the descendants of the Celts preferred to give their beloved a spoon, but not a simple one, but a carved one. When looking at the lovespoon patterns, the girl could understand what her boyfriend wanted to tell her, what feelings he had for her.

The love spoon is a wooden spoon with decorative patterns, a traditional gift with romantic intentions among the Welsh. It was usually carved with love symbols and ornaments to show the carver's skills. Thanks to their complex design, Welsh love spoons are used not only for their intended purpose but as exclusive and original interior items.

The oldest known Welsh love spoon dates back to the 1600s. Although, it is proved that this tradition arose long before that. From generation to generation, carvers added various decorative ornaments to spoons, and as a result, they lost their basic properties and became valuable custom-made accessories.

Celtic Spoon DIY kit

But there were times when wooden love spoons were carved by men with thoughts of their beloved ones. They were decorated with various symbols that had special meanings. For example, a bell meant a wedding; circles meant the number of children and a heart – love.

For those who like to approach any process with taste, who appreciates style and convenience during spoon carving, our multipurpose S13BOX Spoon Carving Set in a Box will be a perfect choice. You don't have to look for anything additional. Everything in our set is designed to teach you how to make a spoon out of wood. These all-inclusive sets have three varieties of knives, polishing compounds,wood spoon blanks, and leather strops. So your wooden spoon carving experience will be smooth and hassle-free.

Making a Spoon

The ultimate beauty of celtic love spoons

The culture and traditions of any nationality have many phenomena that are complex in their historical origin and functions. One of the most striking and revealing phenomena of this kind are Celtic love spoons.

Who and when decided to carve patterns on a wooden spoon and give it to his beloved is unknown. Some researchers believe that even 1000 years ago, there was such an original custom among representatives of the Celtic peoples. Therefore, the Love Spoon is often called Celtic or Welsh.

Celtic Spoon Kit

How to carve a wooden spoon: hand carved love spoons

A wooden spoon is the identity of the national culture and its traditions. Wooden spoons came to us from time immemorial, charming everyone with originality and beauty. Do you want to use wooden spoons for their intended purpose or create a beautiful rustic carved wood wall decor? No problem! Thanks to this article, you will learn how to carve a spoon, discover the basic wooden spoon patterns, and which spoon blanks for carving are best for this type of art.

Follow these steps to get ready and have everything you need for making a wooden spoon:

Prepare essential tools and materials (required wood carving supplies).

None of the types of handicraft is complete without the use of tools. For those who want their hand-carved love spoons projects to be successful, the BeaverCraft team recommends choosing your wood carving tools responsibly. Check the quality of whittling knife blades, how effectively they are sharpened, how comfortable they suit your hand.

Essential tools and materials

Choose wood.

One of the most significant aspects you need to consider when carving a spoon is the type of wood. While it is possible to carve out almost any wood with the right tools, some types of wood are better for inexperienced carvers (basswood, pine, cedar, mahogany, etc.) If you want to simplify the process, choose our superb all-in-one DIY04 Celtic Spoon Carving Kit. It is a top-quality Starter Whittling Kit for carving a wooden spoon. It is perfect for adults, teenagers, and even children.

Wooden love spoon kit

After you decide on the tools, proceed to the next step – the choice of wooden spoon patterns.

Choose easy to recreate wooden spoon template

The patterns of wooden love spoons can be different. You can experiment with the shape of the spoon and its design, creating unique whittling projects. But do not forget. The more complex the pattern, the more difficult it is to recreate it if you do not have much experience in woodcarving.

Once you have selected the wooden spoon carving blanks and the pattern, redraw the design you want to cut out on it.

DIY kit for carving

Shape cutting and carving

Carving along the handle of a spoon is the easiest place to practice. Start with small parts, removing a small amount of material by cutting away from you. Start removing small pieces of wood from the tops of the curved lines. It can happen that during the carving process, the blade of your favorite spoon carving knife breaks. No worries! Our BeaverCraft BSK1 Blade for Spoon Carving Knife will help you out in any difficult situation. We know that the excellent quality of a carving tool is a crucial aspect of a successful woodcarver.

Hook knife blade

Turning square or rectangular wooden spoon blanks into smooth-shape spoons takes time. Some of them can take up to several hours, or even days. So don't expect the blank will take the shape of a spoon in seconds. Just slowly move towards the goal.

It's all about details: wooden spoon with heart cut out

As the spoon starts to take shape and you start rounding off some of the straight lines in the blank, you can add some details. For example, create a wooden spoon with a heart cut out. A spoon with a heart-shaped paddle for a decorative finish will become a refined handmade gift for weddings, engagements, and birthdays symbolizing love, kindness, and fidelity.

Wooden hearts

Features of celtic wood carvings

Some say that Celtic wood carvings are distinguished by the severity of style. However, the richness of the varied and intricate motifs sets these carvings apart from all others.

Celtic Wood Carvings

If you're just trying out Celtic wood carvings and are afraid of making the mistake of carving the shape of a spoon and wasting your wood, order our Deluxe B1 Spoon Carving Blank to help you out with your whittling project. Our spoon blanks are made from low-density wood (linden) and are suitable for the easy and hassle-free carving of spoons of various designs and patterns.

Kit for wooden spoon

To Sum Up

The speakers of the authentic Celtic language disappeared from the Planet a long time ago. But their tradition of confessions has survived to modern times.

Valentine's Day is on the way... So, why not try your hand at carving Welsh love spoons and creating the perfect gift for your loved one? Don't be afraid to improve your skills. With quality and durable tools and supplies from BeaverCraft, you will be able to perform any project you like!

How to make a wooden spoon FAQ

What kind of wood should I use to make a wooden spoon?

The best types of wood to use for making wooden spoons are hardwoods, such as cherry, walnut, or maple. These types of wood are durable and can withstand the pressure and wear of everyday use.

What tools do I need to make a wooden spoon?

You will need a few basic tools to make a wooden spoon, including a saw, a carving knife, a gouge, a rasp or file, sandpaper, and a finishing oil or wax. You may also want to use a clamp to secure the wood while you work on it.

Can I make a wooden spoon without any prior woodworking experience?

Yes, you can make a wooden spoon even if you have no prior woodworking experience. However, it may take some practice and patience to develop the necessary skills and techniques for carving and shaping the wood.

How long does it take to make a wooden spoon?

The time it takes to make a wooden spoon will vary depending on your skill level, the complexity of the design, and the tools you have available. However, on average, it can take several hours to several days to complete a wooden spoon from start to finish.


  • Posted on by John Stewart
    Traditional spoon carving is a green wood craft I.e. the wood is carved when freshly cut, not once it has dried. I can’t imagine what a pain it must be trying to carve a spoon from a seasoned blank of mahogany, no wonder your knives break! Try whittling with green wood sometime, I promise it’ll be easier.
  • Posted on by Sebastian

    Is there a tutorial showing how to carvea spoon? Also would appreciate some information on the use of the strop to sharpen the tools

    Thanks and regards

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