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Why do I need a chip carving knife?

Chip carving is a detailed type of wood carving, focused on decorative sculpting and engraving beautiful patterns. Chip carving tools are designed to remove the crust of the wood, the chip, thus the chip carving knife is designed in a specific way to serve this purpose. Best chip carving knives are the ones that are comfortable and stay sharp for a long time since chip carving is a long process that requires a lot of your attention and patience. The razor-sharp blade of this knife is essential for your project, as you don’t want to stop your progress every now and again to sharpen the edges and lose the flow.

To take you through the trip of choosing the best wood chip carving knives for your future projects, we will review different styles of handles and blades made by BeaverCraft and the features of each knife. By the end of this article, you will know: what types of chip knives exist and what are they used for; which chip knife to use according to the wood you want to carve; what chip carving techniques are used and what knife you need for each of them.

How to choose a good chip carving knife

Now that we’ve covered the basics of what is chip carving, it’s time to discuss some of the important features of the chip carving set. First of all, there are two types of chip carving: the geometric chip carving (the most frequent type) and freestyle chip carving. The geometric chip carving is relying on creating straight lines and triangle-based patterns that are the base for drawing lines and shapes onto the surface of the wood. It is also known as triangle chip carving style. Freestyle chip carving is the more open and artistic style of line-drawing, including other geometric shapes, also waves, curves, circles. The combination of these two styles is often present, especially in wood sculpting or making palm figures (animals and caricatures).

Chip carving knives vary in shape, but they are essentially much different than other wood carving knives and chisels. The blade of a chip carving knife sticks out of the handle in a descending angle allowing you more control over the edge and the tip. The chip carving blade is driven into the wood, drawn back and forth, unlike all other wood carving knives that are scrapping the wood away. This is why the blades are made of thinner steel and well-sharpened for higher efficiency.

For achieving nice and smooth cuts, it is important to know how to hold the knife. Some chip carving knives are made to be held with the thumb on top of the knife to make detailed and fine curves and lines. Even with the best chip carving knives, you need to hold them comfortably in your palm, since you will be working on delicate projects that can last for hours.

chip carving knives

For better projects, it is also important to choose the best wood for chip carving. The project is best when you use really soft wood that has a smooth surface easy to manipulate. Wood such as basswood and butternut are excellent choices, while with oak or maple hardwood type of wood you can do the surface engraving if the blade is hard and sharp.

When choosing the best chip carving knife, the most important thing to pay attention to is the quality of the handle. Choose the handle according to your chip carving style (the position your hand usually takes while doing detailed work), and the wooden handle that you will be comfortable holding for a while.

There are three types of blade designed for chip carving projects. The main chip carving blade is the one with a single tip and thin sharp edge that you pull down the wood. Then, there are the knives that are designed for immersing geometric shapes into the wood, that come with two tips and can be pulled back and forth to smooth the cutout. Finally, we have the detail knives with really sharp and long points, made with a flexible blade, that can perform amazing delicate work.

BeaverCraft wood carving tools brand

If you have used BeaverCraft tools before, you are familiar with the quality our Ukrainian brand stands for. BeaverCraft chip carving tools are the perfect combination of a comfortable handle and a sharp blade that is strong and holds an edge for a long period of time. The shape of the handle is created in a way that is comfy for your grip and the hand lays out nicely onto it. With most BeaverCraft tools, the ergonomic handles are covered with natural oil and designed in a way that you can carve for many hours straight before getting tired. Our chip knives come sharp straight out of the box and are ready to be used straight away. The blades are made of hardened carbon steel, with sharp edges and points, easy to sharpen with sandpaper or sharpening stone when the time comes. BeaverCraft wood chip carving knives are the perfect combination of excellent quality and good price.

C6 – Chip Carving Knife - Classic tool for geometrical chip carving

What you need to know about this knife

C6 is a basic chip carving tool that presents a great addition to any wood carving toolkit. The blade of this knife is designed especially for geometric chip carving, with a fine tip that accomplishes fine detail work, delicate performance when it comes to making sculptures and engraving patterns onto the wood.

The C6 blade is made from hardened high-carbon steel, pre-sharpened to razor-sharp edges. The tip of this blade holds an edge for over twenty hours of chip carving.

The symmetry of the handle makes this knife ideal for both left-handed and right-handed craftsmen, while it is comfortable for durable use. The user-friendly handle is made from ashwood and covered with natural linseed oil, with no additional chemistry. The shape of the knife is appealing and fits any set of tools.

Best projects to do with this knife

This knife is designed for chipping geometrical shapes, lines, triangles, and squares. It is handy for engraving delicate letters and symbols, but also a valuable asset for caricature carving. An interesting type of project you would need this knife for could be carving an axe out of wood, that you can easily do even as a beginner, by following the BeaverCraft free tutorial.

To sum up

  • Comfortable ashwood handle made for durable use
  • Razor-sharp edge for detailed chip carving
  • A good tool for geometric shape engraving
  • Hardened high-carbon steel blade
  • Both for left-handed and right-handed craftsmen

three knives

C7 – Small Detail Wood Carving Knife - Razor-sharp edge and tip for smooth precise lines

What you need to know about this knife

The C7 small carving knife is a handy multipurpose knife that can be used for all kinds of different projects: wood carving, line carving, detailed wood carving, whittling, chip carving. Thin edge of the blade with a sharp tip makes this knife the best option for drawing precise lines onto both soft and hardwood. Durable blade holds an edge for a long time, allowing you to do precise projects with oak, walnut, or other hardwood, with no difficulties.The universal shape of the ashwood handle allows you full control over the blade edge and tip, enabling you to make pressure depending on the wood type, and also to cut easily in hollow areas. The handle is symmetric for both right-handed and left-handed wood carving masters.

Best projects to do with this knife

The C7 whittling knife makes smooth and thin cuts and goes great with all woodwork projects. With this detailed carving knife, you can make sculptures, Japanese netsuke objects, and so many other figures. Our top projects to recommend are a Kuska with a bear head - because simple Kuskas are too mainstream, and a wooden spoon with a dog head for experimental types of craftsmen.

To sum up

  • Symmetric ashwood handle
  • The shape of the handle allowing a lot of control over the blade
  • Great knife for detailed carving and engraving
  • Razor-sharp edge and tip for precision woodwork
  • Great for both softwood and hardwood such as walnut

C10 – Geometric Carving Knife - Perfect knife for creative and decorative wood projects

What you need to know about this knife

This knife is designed for fine triangle artistic wood carving projects. Made with a comfortable ashwood handle, the C10 knife allows you to carve with relief as all sharp carving knives should. The shape of the blade has a very specific layout with the intention to enable carving in both directions. The handle has a classic BeaverCraft shape that makes it usable for both left-handed and right-handed makers. This knife is available under the affordable price, and it comes razor-sharp to your doorstep. The blade holds an edge and both tips stay sharp after a lot of carving, however, it is super easy to sharpen it with sandpaper in between projects. It cuts through mahogany, oak, and basswood, with the same ease.

Best projects to do with this knife

This knife is super cool to be played within all kinds of different projects. You can use it to decorate your figures and sculptures, add nice patterns and lines to wooden boxes or furniture, and many other creative works. The shape of the blade enables smooth lines and angles with clear points, while it can be used to create beautiful mandalas, hexagon patterns, and even circles and curved lines.

To sum up

  • A razor-sharp blade that can be used in both directions
  • Thin blade edge for smooth straight lines and curves
  • Comfortable ashwood handle enabling a lot of control while whittling
  • An ideal knife for creative and artistic pattern making projects
  • Cuts the surface of softwood and hardwood with relief
  • Symmetric handle for left-handed and right-handed creatives

C9 – Marking Striking Knife - A necessary tool for professional detail carving projects

What you need to know about this knife

This good-looking small knife is an essential addition for professional wood carving projects. When designing a figure carving project, before you get started with wood chip carving knives for final details and fine lines, you need one C9 like marking knife to help you organize the proportions of your final piece. This knife is designed to help you mark the lines and spots for cutting geometrical patterns both for straight and curved lines. With great control over the blade, thanks to the shape of the handle, you can carve lines and align the background with calm and relaxation. The handle is made of ashwood, covered with natural linseed oil, made for long wood carving with pleasure, with causing no hand fatigue. Proportions of the handle allow both right-handed and left-handed users to enjoy chip carving. The blade comes well-sharpened straight out of the box, made of hardened carbon steel that can cut through basswood, pine, red cedar, but also hardwood such as alder, maple and walnut.

Best projects to do with this knife

This knife makes a great asset to any wood carving and whittling project, and you can use it for artistic caricature carving such as wooden gnomes or making an astronaut out of wood, but also for DIY projects around the house. If you feel like taking on a relief hand carving project with basswood, you can check out chip carving tutorials on BeaverCraft Youtube channel and get creative with your tools.

To sum up

  • The knife for marking lines for your detailed projects
  • Ergonomic handle designed for carving for many hours
  • Easy to carve precise designs with full control over the blade
  • A well-sharpened durable blade that holds an edge
  • Carbon steel blade cuts through hard and softwood
  • Designed for left-handed and right-handed makers

C10s – Small Knife for Geometric Wood Carving - Great choice for exceptional control over the blade for fine carving

What you need to know about this knife

This small-size knife is constructed to perfectly suit your hand wrapped around the handle with the thumb on top for additional control over the blade. The C10 small knife is made for engraving geometrical shapes into the woodblocks, making simple smooth lines, aligning the background with relief. Chip carving projects are much easier with one of these knives on your side.The ergonomic handle is made of ashwood, comfortable to be held with the thumb on top, and used for a really long time without your palm muscles getting sore. The handle is evenly pleasant to use by both left-handed and right-handed wood carvers. The blade is designed in a way that allows you to use it in both directions, to smooth out the engraved geometrical shapes. It is sharp, made of hardened corrosion-resistant steel, whose edges and tips are easy to re-sharpen with a simple sharpening stone in between two projects.

Best projects to do with this knife

This knife is designed for detailed fine chip carving and drawing thin lines onto the wood. The technique of putting additional pressure on top of the knife allows great precision and enables you to take upon more demanding projects. Using this knife you can make great hair and fur on animal carving projects such as cat wood carving or carving a rabbit out of wood.

To sum up

  • A small knife designed to be used with the thumb on top for extra precision and control
  • Specifically shaped blade to be used in both directions when drawing lines
  • Ergonomic handle comfortable for left-handed and right-handed users
  • Great knife for geometric patterns and animal carving details
  • Hardened corrosion-resistant steel blade

C12 – Chip Carving Knife - Your best friend for geometric chip carving projects

What you need to know about this knife

This classic chip knife is among the best chip carving knives in our collection. The simplicity of its design enables anyone to grasp the technique of chip carving in no time. Ideal to contribute to any wood carving project, this chip knife can easily replace other chip knives you have in your drawer. Blade of the C12 knife is made of high carbon steel that is hardened to maximum resilience and well-sharpened by the manufacturer. It holds an edge for quite a while, so you won’t need to sharpen it every so often. This is a special blade shape with a 45-degrees secondary bevel, and its purpose is to make geometric chip carving a relief wood carving project. The comfy handle is made of ashwood, covered in natural linseed oil, and suitable for left and right hand. The blade can cut through all types of wood: basswood, pine, cedar, maple, and others.

Best projects to do with this knife

This knife is a truly great addition to any type of wood carving or whittling project. It is useful for practical wood projects, but also for rather artistic woodwork. With this shape of the blade, you can easily make fluid lines or waves, triangles, circles, and more. Use this knife for final details on wooden Gandalf or making a Santa out of wood - a classic Christmas project.

To sum up

  • A simple multipurpose knife for different types of chip carving projects
  • Blade shape designed for geometric chip carving
  • Carbon steel blade holds an edge and doesn’t need frequent sharpening
  • Cuts through hardwood and softwood with ease
  • Great for engraving smooth triangles, curves, circles onto the wooden surface

wood carving knives set

C15 – Detail Wood Carving Knife - A knife designed for the final touch of your chip carving project

What you need to know about this knife

C15 is a pointy detailed knife in BeaverCraft collection, designed to perform narrow cuts and very precise fine work in the final stage of your project. Unlike other knives on our list, C15 is made with a flexible blade, that allows you very high precision for delicate cuts. With this knife, you can chip carve all kinds of creative patterns and bring your figure or sculpture to life. The special blade point is perfect for engraving letters, creating 2d artwork, and so much more. The steel of this flexible blade holds an edge for a long time and makes smoother cuts when it is sharpened to be razor-sharp. The ashwood handle is designed to be comfortable for demanding projects that take hours, while the handle fits into both left and right hand.

Best projects to do with this knife

With this knife, you can make any complicated project not only possible but extremely easy. The pointed tip is a great help if you are carving the deep holes onto your sculptures. Our favorite projects to do with this knife are the demanding projects such as Carving a Skull Out of Wood and Pumpkin Carving Out of Wood, but also classic Carving an Axe Out of Wood, and an evergreen Coffee Scoop Carving.

To sum up

  • Flexible blade for detailed fine cuts
  • Razor-sharp edge and point that stays sharp for long
  • Ergonomic ashwood handle
  • Great for demanding projects and artwork

An important aspect of chip carving knives review is the purpose the knife has. There are three essentially different blade designs based on the effect they are created to achieve, and the high-profile chip carving knives will require a spectrum of these chip carving tools. When it comes to the chip carving knife, the shape and features of the blade are of utmost importance but do not underestimate the quality of the handle you are using. The best chip carving knives are by far those that you find most comfortable in your hands since some of the chip carving projects take a long time to complete.

Chip Carving Knives FAQ

What is a chip carving knife?

A chip carving knife is a specialized tool used for creating intricate designs in wood by removing small chips of wood with the blade. It typically has a narrow, pointed blade with a beveled edge that allows for precise cuts and control.

What are chip carving knives made of?

Chip carving knives are typically made of high-carbon steel, which is durable and holds a sharp edge well. Some may also have a laminated blade made of multiple layers of steel for added strength and durability.

How do you sharpen a chip carving knife?

To sharpen a chip carving knife, use a sharpening stone or diamond plate to hone the beveled edge of the blade. Hold the knife at a consistent angle and use a circular motion to sharpen the blade. You can also use a leather strop to polish the blade and refine the edge.

What are some safety tips for using chip carving knives?

When using a chip carving knife, it's important to always keep your fingers behind the blade and away from the cutting edge. Use a cutting mat or other protective surface to prevent damage to your work surface, and make sure your knife is sharp to prevent slipping or jerking movements that can cause injury. Always cut away from your body and work at a comfortable pace to maintain control and precision.



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