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What Are Basic Chip Carving Cuts?

Defining Chip Carving

Chip carving is one among the greatest ways for beginners to get engaged in the art of wood handing. Basically, this style implies removing small pieces of the material (chips), creating amazing ornamental patterns in a single piece using a chip carving knife. Chip carvings have its structure, two levels: a flat wooden surface itself and another surface beneath, let’s call it the extreme point of your carving, where the cuts meet.

This wood carving style can be traced back to ancient years when pieces of wood were first grasped creatively. Through years many cultures inherited this tradition and transformed into their perception of the world.

Nowadays everyone has an opportunity to gain such an experience by mastering various techniques. They include free form style carving or following some basic geometric figures and shapes, such as simple lines and curves, triangles, circles, and ovals. The great thing of learning simple rules is that they can be broken sooner so that one could get inexhaustible opportunities to incarnate personal ideas and visions in the project, making it interesting and unique.

Let’s consider two main techniques one can master to start the way of a chip-carver.  

Ways to Create a Masterpiece

Fine Triangle Chip Carving.
The most commonly used traditional pattern. Being simple to understand and easy to perform, this technique is very popular among the beginner carvers. Essentially it means carving various triangles. The awesome thing about this type of chip carving is that it’s quite simple to carve those shapes automatically, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that the final result will be boring. Changing and combining different sorts of triangles can let a carver create a wonderful pattern even with repeatedly projected outlines.

Free-form Chip Carving.
Do basic shapes still seem to be too boring? So a typical basic scheme can always be broken and transformed the work to essentially extraordinary. While those triangles can keep the and images attached to some defined movements, free-form chip carving gives a great variety of lines, curves, circles, which could easily implement everything that keeps itself within the triangle-shaped bounds.

Anyway, those techniques can be combined to supply an artist with all the necessary stuff to embody his ideas.  

Best Wood Carving Tools

Each wonder comes from a different magic wand. Chip carved wooden magic also requires specialized tools. They don’t demand too much money and any starting skills, which makes chip carving quite affordable. But here you have an immense number of different wood carving tools for sale, so you need to choose a special one. So where could you buy a great chip carving knife?

Product Features
Among the top rated wood carving tools, the BeaverCraft Chip Carving knife C2 is a finely-crafted product from some talented Ukrainian makers at BeaverCraft. The sharp edge is attached to the oiled wood handle, which polished surface gleams and keeps its gloss and shine even after long-term usage. Its size is also the greatest chops for chip and relief carving and wood cutting.

The laminated steel blade is razor-sharp out of the box, so you the tool isn’t expected to be provided with extra pre-usage care. Sooner it will be easy to recover the sharpness with a barber’s stone or a strop. Such an edge is suitable for cutting hardwoods such as a walnut and oak, as well as softwoods. As a result, the cuts are shiny and smooth. The thin pointed tip of the knife is appropriate for delicate and detailed wood carving.  

Whittling knife serves you for general wood carving, green woodworking, fine cutting wood, best for wood carving for beginners. Check it out here!

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