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LS2P1 - Leather Strop for Polishing
Length – 200 mm (7.87 inches) Width – 75 mm (2.95 inches) Thickness – 4-5 mm (0.16-0.2 inch) Material – cowhide leather Weight - 0.06 kg Cutting tools sooner or later become dull, requiring timely sharpening and polishing. A simple...
LS3 - Long Leather Strop for Polishing
Length – 30-40 сm (11.8-15.7 inches) Width – 50 mm (1.97 inches) Thickness – 2-4 mm (0.08-0.16 inch) Material – cowhide leather This great leather strop for polishing will be in need if any of your cutting tools should be...

We all know how incredibly important it is to keep our whittling instruments sharp, shiny and prepared to carve any time all the time. Carvers prefer various ways to keep their tools in a carving-sharp state. Some get stones for stropping, some prefer leather as a more time-saving option, some like polishing wheels – here a saying “Don’t knock it till you try it” would be quite suitable. You won’t know what’s the best way for you personally until you find it out by personal experience.

One of the options is using leather to smoothen and sharpen your blade’s cutting edge. There are paddle strops, there are leather strops for sharpening knives like in barbershops that can be used anywhere – for example, wrapped around a thin tree and pulled in your direction for comfortable stropping in the woods. Here in BeaverCraft we are ready to offer you almost all of those options so you’re more than welcome to check out any leather strops for sale, try them out and decide if that’s your preference in stropping.

BeaverCraft leather strops for sale

Our strops have only genuine leather used on them, cowhide leather. Some of them are dual-sided, some are one-sided. The dual ones let you do more things with using only one strop whereas the one-sided ones serve only one particular purpose, even though they serve it well. So the choice for you will be quite important depending on the functions you want the strop to execute. Think about it, remember the tools you have and what stropping accessories are already in your possession and how they could complement each other (if you have any). Choose the most practical option and go for it – your tools will be incredibly grateful!

Local leather strops for sharpening knives and online

BeaverCraft is more than happy to solve the dilemma of “Where to find a proper leather strop near me?” question. We don’t have a lot of distributors that sell our products offline, however, our delivery is worldwide and you’ll be able to get your stropping accessory anywhere you are. So test the waters by purchasing our leather strops for sale and you’ll see the proof of our quality for yourself!

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